(Releases 1st May)

ALBUM: 2020 VISION         FORMAT: DIGITAL      

PRE-ORDER AND HEAR SOME NOW: https://sieben.bandcamp.com       

Wtf? I spend ages writing about us fucking the Earth and ourselves if we don’t change our ways, and you start the apocalypse without me!

 2020 VISION brings you Kev, the sentient five-string Kevlar violin. He provides the heavy new pulse behind this record – and a good bit of back-chat, too. He’s given Sieben a sharp blade, and the will to use it ;)

Times like this probably need an album with some positivity. Wish I’d known that before writing this one… ‘That we drown while being burnt to a crisp by a glaring sun, that forges new life when rid of us’ is about as positive as it gets. “Pretty damn positive”, says Kev, “though not for you humans.”

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