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VINYL Re-releases of Sex & Wildflowers and The Line & the Hook

Dark Vinyl label (DE) have re-issued Sieben’s Sex & Wildflowers (2003) & The Line & The Hook (2001) albums, each on double vinyl. (Both on vinyl for the first time). Both also especially mastered for vinyl, with beautiful, new artwork by Martin F Bedford. Extra previously unheard material on these finish off the second side of the second vinyl. VERY limited edition (250 each) Black and Marble vinyls now available on my site, in the shop.

sex and wildflowers The Line and The Hook Cover Art LO RES

rasp, vinyl re-releases, concerts, and I found the Sieben ‘heavy’ button.

Some stand-out dates, at least for me, before I hibernate for the winter and stop releasing stuff seemingly endlessly:

This Thurs, 6 November, will see the release of Redroom 013CD, rasp‘s Radiate Power Words. More on this release here.

Fri 21 November sees the re-release, on black and marbled vinyl (both as double albums) of Sieben’s albums The Line & the Hook (2001), and Sex & Wildflowers (2003) Some extra goodies on these- previously unreleased related tracks. The nice people  at Dark Vinyl in Germany are releasing these. You can order it from them, via the Dark Vinyl homepage or their facebook page, here. You can, of course, get these from my shop, come 21 November 🙂 Releases are both limited to 250 copies. (150 in black vinyl, 100 in marbled). So they won’t hang around long. Hopefully 😉

Really looking forward to concerts this weekend in Wroclaw, Poland, and next weekend in Athens. Planning to unleash my ‘heavy’ button on unsuspecting folk at these. Even if you have seen me before, expect something different! One more show after these, for those of you local to Sheffield, England, at The Brothers Arms in december, then I’m done with gigs for the year. Been a lovely year of great gigs.

Am also putting this ‘Sieben heavy button’ into practice with the writing of the new Sieben album. Got three tracks, all quite hypnotic and ‘ritual’ written so far. Keeping this closely under wraps for now, though Black Moon, Rise Again has sneaked out online in some live videos, and a rough mix I pasted online. Naughty Matty: Got to keep the Sieben vault closed until this one is ready to burst out. The album may end up being called “I Stop Like This To Break the Spell”. that’s what it is presently, at least- though I often chop and change until things settle down, artistically, with an album, so we’ll see.

Thanks for ‘being there’, out there, wherever you are – its lovely for artists to know there are people ‘out there’ enjoying what you do. Show some love and buy the albums too, if you haven’t already. Especially that rasp, which is a remarkable record, though I say so myself…

The Line and The Hook Cover Art LO RES  sex and wildflowers


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