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Norse EP pre-release

Hello! Wanted to give those of you signed up to my site and reading my blog the first heads-up on this:

The second of my three digital EPs, “Norse EP” is now up on my Bandcamp site for pre-order, here. If you’re a ‘physical-only’ kinda person, hang on for the CD release of The Old Magic, sometime in 2016. Nothing to stop you going to have a listen now, though 😉 – and some extra, re-worked tracks that won’t be on The Old Magic are included with this release…

Release date is 11 November 2015, with the new moon. With pre-orders you’ll get two tracks now, and all tracks on release date, plus the five artwork ‘pieces’ – one for each song, and the cover art.

Matt Howden – 20 October 2015

P.S. Here’s the track list and one of Martin Bedford’s artwork pieces to whet your appetite:

Raise, whirl, unfurl the Old Magic!

Raise, whirl, unfurl the Old Magic! 

The Old Magic

I’m working on a new Sieben album, which will be named The Old Magic. My plan is to release three digital EPs, then the physical CD, sometime soon after. The Old Magic will have all six ten-minute tracks from Lietuva, Norse, and Britannica EPs, on one CD, and all the re-worked tracks on the other CD. So, hang on for the CD, if you prefer it physical! 🙂 Not sure they’ll be a vinyl, though someone may step in and offer to do it. Going to need three sides of vinyl simply to get the new tracks on, though…

Got gigs in Sheffield (UK), Stockholm (SE), Munich and Lobau (DE) coming up in the next few weeks, and really looking forward to those. I’ll be bringing along original artwork prints from The Old Magic, and woodcuts with digital download codes for Lietuva EP, too. Bring your wallets!

I recently did a live session for the marvellous Phantom Circuit radio show. I recorded two songs, live in the studio (complete with a little message for Phantom Circuit on their 7th anniversary), both from The Old Magic album: Black Moon Rise Again, which some of you will have heard in its studio form, of course; and the title track from the next album, The Old Magic. I’ve got a bit of a sore throat whilst recording it live, so there’s the odd snuffle and failure to hit the right note, occasionally – forgive me for that 😉 Listen here. The show is full of great stuff, each month. I regularly listen eagerly.

Matt Howden -October 2015

Horned Man by Martin Bedford

Horned Man by Martin Bedford

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