This is the website for all things Matt Howden, Mighty Sieben, and Redroom Records… fiercely independent music. So independent you’ve not noticed we exist. We take that as a badge of honour, of course.

Live, Sieben is a one-man rawchestra, looping a layering a heady mix of sounds. Always hypnotic. Previously much more floaty, but all that’s changing (read on) For instance MJR Festival in Lithuania wrote a nice description, saying Sieben is “bringing us driving rhythms, vocals as intense visions and charming landscapes, loop by loop building a shining starway over the Abyss, to our dreams.” Lovely description, but that’s probably the old Sieben. More recently, however, its all got a bit turbo-charged. Here’s the press release for the new Sieben album, crumbs, released 3rd August 2018:

You want some? You want crumbs from the rich man’s table? You want dark overlords messing with world morality, or a furious, satirical, tweed-clad anti-hero? Welcome to Sieben’s new album, crumbs. Welcome to gothpunktronic. Elegant, up-beat and angry. A crafted manifesto of horror and verbal burlesque.

On this site, you’ll find Matt’s blog; concerts; discography; and the Redroom SHOP. Here you can order all available Redroom products and delights, all handled by Matt personally, so just ask if you’d like anything signing or dedicating.

The Sieben live show:

These videos don’t do it justice, but give you a pale, rough flavour of what to expect… Sieben plays Ogham The Sun in Utrecht (Youtube), or Sieben plays Sleep, Clara Bow, in Moscow (Youtube). Redroom Youtube channel, MHSieben is here.

7JK is the project of Matt Howden, and Maciek Frett from the Polish electronic band Job Karma. The debut album of this project, Anthems Flesh came out in 2013, gaining some really good reviews and appreciative audiences. Ride The Solar Tide came out last year and no-one noticed, but its still a fab album, and much better than the first one.



Purchasing Redroom digital music online:

As well as all the online retailers, where you can find Sieben, Matt Howden, rasp and 7JK, we also have our own digital outlet. These are better for the artist as they see more of the money from each purchase. So bring it on! 

Sieben Bandcamp. Matt Howden Bandcamp. 7JK Bandcamp.

You can full-listen to tracks on bandcamp. Simply follow the links above for that. There’s also Sieben on Spotify, here.


Social Networks:

Both the bane of the modern musician’s life, and heart-warmingly incredible to be able to interact with the people who love and support music; alternative and fiercely independent music. Matt Howden Twitter, here.  Sieben Facebook Page, here.


Artists I make music with:

Job Karma (PL), here.

Jo Quail (UK), here.

Rophonic (UK), here.

Faun (DE), here.

Naevus (UK), here.

Winston Macabre(UK), here


Artists to also adore:

Curtis Eller’s American Circus (US), here.

Pharoah Overlord (NO), here.

Kate Bush (UK), here.

Sage Francis (US), here.

Die Antwoord, (SA), here.

Roma Amor (IT), here.

Richard Herring (comedian), here.

Stewart Lee (comedian), here.

Thomas Truax (US), here.


Festivals and Promoters:

WGT, Leipzig, Germany, here.

MJR, Lithuania, here.

DBE, Romania, here.

NCN, Germany, here.

Entremuralhas, Portugal, here.

Darkland Fire, Estonia, here.

The Big Boulder, Sheffield, England, here.


Official Music Distributors of Redroom Records:

Tesco (DE), here.

Dark Vinyl (DE), here.

Wool-e-shop (BE)

Plastichead (UK)

Labels and Music Distributors:

Strange Famous (US), here.


Radio / DJs:

Antena 3 (PT), here.

Nuno Calado (PT), here.

Bob Rusche NL), X-Rated here.

Concertzender (NL), here.

DJ Nederfolk (NL), here.

DH De’Ath (UK), here.

Phantom Circuit (UK), here.



Specs (UK), here.



Film Makers:

João Paulo Simões, here.


Lovely Places:

Cafe 9, Sheffield, here.

The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield, here.

Red Tape Central, Music Training providers, here.

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