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Don’t let the coldbloods take the stage…

Happy New Year to you! Had brilliant gigs in 2017, and hoping for more of the same this year. Not much in the way of gigs, to start this year – I’m trying to get my next album finished. I shall be in Colchester and Hannover at some point. And back to London, Croydon and Freiburg, possibly, too. Such is the beautifully odd nature of my varied gig list.

Crumbs From The Richman’s Table, my next Sieben album, is coming along nicely. I have ten tracks so far:

Crumbs / Sell Your Future / Just Be A Lot Nicer  / Forge A Better World / Sleep Our Dream / Post-Brexit Dreams Of Albion / Here Is The News / We Will Be Alright / I Will Ignore The Apocalypse / Coldbloods

Here’s a snippet of Coldbloods for you:


Who let the hawks hang the higher ground? Who led the crows to circle round?

Starting to feel a little nervous now. (Don’t-let-them-near-the-switch-hey)

Who let the vipers take a hold? A slither of lies that became a road.

Can’t just be me that’s starting to feel a little nervous now.

Who let the primal shape control? Who let instinct steer the wheel?

Can’t just be me that’s starting to feel a little nervous now.


Who let the reptiles free their cage? Who let them loose on the modern age?

Who let the reptiles free their cage? Can’t just be me that’s starting to feel a little nervous now.

Still no plans for a release date. I want to write some more songs for this before its done. And properly make sure its exactly as I want it. And sit on it for a few months and try and do some proper promotion for it, for once. Though, I always say that and then when I get the copies made they start ‘burning a hole in my pocket’ and I itch to get them out there and heard.

Wishing you all the best 2018 🙂

Matt – Jan 2018

Sell Your Future! (happy festivities)

I’m still working hard on the next Sieben album, Crumbs From The Rich Man’s Table. Determined to take it nice and steady, and reach some new ground with this one. Drummer extraordinaire Tom (Didi) Didlock has been adding his own magnificence to the tracks Sell Your Future and Coldbloods. Love his drumming, and immensely happy with what he’s done for me. Check him out with either of his bands, Loam, and Blind Saints. I’m feeling like there will be lots of drums on this album. Here’s a snippet from Sell Your Future:

Hope to see you at a concert somewhere in 2018 –  hope you like this snippet, too. More to follow as I do them. 8 of the 15 or so tracks are now written for Crumbs. Happy festivities, all x

Matt Howden – 14th Dec 2017


Crumbs indeed. Been a while since I posted. Lots of lovely gigs so far this year, and a first time gig in Hungary, which was damn fine.

I’ve been busy working on a new Sieben album, which will be Redroom 020. Not to be released for a while yet, though, I still need to write it. Taking my time with this, whilst working my ears off endlessly. The attached snippet is from the title track of this album, which will be called Crumbs From The Rich Man’s Table. It features beautiful and sassy vocals from Sheffield’s own Zowie Lumsdale, singer with The Vain Dolls. She did it all, amazingly, in ten minutes too, leaving us loads more time to eat chicken. Playing a cave tonight, but you can see me guesting with The Cuckoo Clocks, a truly fabulous band and a pleasure to join their ‘gang’ online, tomorrow (Sat 30 Sept) at 10pm BST, here.

Off to my cave. Hope you enjoy the teaser for the new album 🙂

Matt Howden – September 2017

sawing away at wood, rather than the violin…

sawing away at wood...

sawing away at wood, rather than the violin…

Had some lovely, and as always, quirky gigs in 2017, so far. All in the UK, for a change. London. Brighton, Croydon, Sheffield and Nottingham gone , Edinburgh and perhaps Louth to come, along with some others which I’ve yet to announce. May takes me to Toulon (FR). July brings Sieben and 7JK at Castle Party, Bolkow (PL). August I’m back in France, with the lovely Rosa Crux. And a lovely night at Sheffield City Hall Ballroom in May, where I’m on the bill with some fabulous bands. See Concerts section for details.

Our Solitary Confinement came out as a vinyl re-release with previously unheard material, The Sound Of His Horn. 30 or so minutes of the most ambient material I’ve written as Sieben. A few copies still left in my shop. 6, in fact. I’ve also reduced the prices on much of my merch, including Barley Top (hardback book and CD, my father reading his poems, set to music by myself) now at £10.

I’ve barely written or recorded a thing since the release of 7JK’s Ride The Solar Tide. Principally because I’m building my new Redroom recording studio. I’ve put ‘sawing away at the violin’ to one side in favour of sawing away at wood in general; wooden floor, I figure its always handy having something to stand on; wooden ‘picture frames’ for acoustic panels to ‘temper’ the acoustics in my new room. I’m smugly satisfied by how my panels clip together to make a vocal ‘booth’.

Whilst sawing away, my brain has been secretly plotting my next musical move for me. “Sparse, dirty, quirky loops and strange melodies” it whispers whilst I’m measuring a piece of 2 x 1 (that’s 4.2cm x 2.1cm in metric, PSE). And “sonically odd and striking like never before” it opines whilst I’m drilling a wall. Or “try looping six beats on x6 setting, or with unrelated loops”, though I’m sanding with ear protectors on. I hear it. “Finish sawing sodding wood and make some music”. I hear it. Will do…

Matt Howden -March 2017

2016 coming to a close

Been a busy, and lovely music-filled year, on the road and releasing music. I’ve had great gigs, and lovely times in Bakewell, Balver Höhle (DE), Brighton, Deutzen (DE), London, Lleida (ESP), Newby Bridge, Rome (IT), Sheffield, Vienna (AT), Whitby, Wroclaw (PL) and York. My gig lists back to back are always quite strange. I’m not sure Newby Bridge, Rome and Vienna make it to most gig lists together, nor even in the same sentence! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Along the way, these incorporated a new festival, Hillsfest, and an established one in Whitby’s Musicport, that I had the pleasure of playing for the first time. Playing support for Vieux Farka Toure in Lleida was also a definite highlight. BBC Music Day in my hometown, Sheffield, too. And 7JK concerts in Germany and Poland, with all new material.


In 2016 I’ve released the latest Sieben album The Old Magic, and sister album The Other Side Of the River, along with a second 7JK album Ride The Solar Tide, all of which I’m very happy with. Not sure when the next Redroom release may be, but possibly not 2017, at least for a Redroom physical release. If you haven’t any of the above, feel free to visit my shop and purchase them, I could do with the space, and I like them being out there, being heard 🙂 Those ordering from Europe still have a couple of weeks to ensure getting it before Christmas, if its a gift; those further afield only a couple of days. I’ll be including extras with orders, too, to keep the gods of Santa and Commercialism appeased. And because I appreciate people who are still buying music 🙂

Ride The Solar Tide COVER ART

I’m currently laying the floorboards for the latest incarnation of my Redroom studio, its sixth place of residence. And I have vague plans, as my next Redroom release is release number 20: A Sieben album where I free myself from the shackles of ‘having to be able to play it live’. I may write some songs with ‘true’ verses and choruses, where the chords change (steady on, now!); I may do a couple with a band; possibly even some written on piano or from chords; hanging upside down suspended by elastic, if it sounds good. Not even sure yet, nor allowing myself to think hard about it. Until the sound-proofing is down, those floorboards are laid…

Thanks to all for the support with music; coming out to concerts, engaging in the music, booking the artists, buying the music, sharing the music, sorting the venues, making the posters, running the festivals, sharing the events and releases. For caring and loving. For the positivity we can make and emit, in a scary world.


Matt Howden – 29 November 2016

ps: one more Sieben gig to go this year. A local one, for me. Regather, Sheffield, 21 Dec. supporting good friend Andy and his Silver Darlings. We’ll be out and about in the UK in 2017, with plans for London, Croyden, Brighton, and hopefully Edinburgh, Newcastle and Stirling. I’ll also be on the road in Europe, with concerts in Poland and Germany already pencilled in 🙂

higgledy piggledy Autumn news

Its all higgledy piggledy when you move house, and studio! Redroom studio is now on its 5th location and will be cosier and freakier than ever. So, some random snippets of news:

The Old Magic is out and getting lovely reports!

Moving house has revealed the unsold back catalogue ‘mountain’. Damn that ‘economy of scale’.

Cats are winning the internet. Its now official.

7JK’s second spiffing album, Ride The Solar Tide is out in a few weeks. available from my shop, now, though 😉

Looking forward very much to playing at Music Port Festival in Whitby in a couple of weeks time.

After that I’m in Wroclaw, Poland, for the launch night concert, with 7JK, as the inaugural act for the WIF Festival.

A very worthy, and necessary, cause for this great compilation album featuring Sieben and 7JK and a host of great music, here.

More news soon, when the higgledy piggledyness dies down…

Matt Howden – Oct 2016

Get 7JK’s Ride The Solar Tide NOW (as you’re on my mailing list)

Hello 🙂

As per usual I’ll be offering those of you on my mailing list Ride The Solar Tide, six weeks early of its official release date of 3 Nov 2016. You’ll find it here, in my shop. If you haven’t got the new Sieben album(s) now’s the time to get them, too?

Been a real pleasure writing the second 7JK album with Maciek Frett. (A slight change in lineup, as its just Maciek and I now). It was all written ‘remotely’ – most often that Maciek would send me beats, synths and a vibe, from Poland; I’d add strings, occasionally some bass, some voice samples, and my voice. Sometimes lots of violins and voices! Then it’d go back to Maciek for mixing, sometimes with a few times back and forward before getting to this stage. We’re both very happy with the results. Special thanks to Martin Bedford, for the very special artwork, which entirely sums up and adorns the vibe we were after in the music.

Ride The Solar Tide COVER ART

Our album release concert should be very special. Its on release day, 3 November, and is on the opening day of the WIF Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. A beautiful synagogue to play in, details here.

Hope you enjoy Ride The Solar Tide. You can hear a track, here, on the 7JK bandcamp. If you’re a download rather than physical you can buy it from there. If you’re a physical rather download, you can buy it from me here, or from Maciek directly.

Enjoy the ride into space!

Matt Howden – Sept 2016

New 7Jk album on its way

Hi all 🙂

Release date for Redroom 019, 7JK’s second album, Ride The Solar Tide is 3 Nov 2016.

We have an album launch on that day, opening the WIF festival in Wroclaw, Poland, in a very special location. and we’ll be playing the album in its entirety then.

We’ll also be doing that, for the very first time this Friday, at NCN Festival, Deutzen, Germany. Onstage 7pm! Prepare to Ride The Solar Tide!

Ride The Solar Tide COVER ART

The album is currently being manufactured. Its a six-panel digipack with beautiful design by Martin Bedford, as always with a Redroom release. We’re doing 750 copies of this, and should sell out… in time! As always I’ll be adding it here first and offering it early to those of you signed up to my mailing list 🙂

Here’s a taster of the new album, here.


The Old Magic out with the New Moon

The Old Magic & The Other Side Of the River released yesterday. Thanks for the orders so far, folks, very much appreciated.

I’m supposing I caused some confusion with the ‘EPs turning into CDs’ thing, but these things come out in their own way, when they get a life of their own. I guess the easiest explanation is not to explain at all! In fact, even easier to let Adrian Ainsworth explain, in his lovely review, here.

Lovely to get such an amazing response to these albums, already.

Next up for Redroom is REDROOM 019, 7JK’s second album ‘Ride The Solar Tide’. This is done and dusted, and is currently off to be mastered. A slightly different lineup to the band now, as this album is just Maciek and I. And a new vibe. Very excited for you to hear this! Release date is 3rd November 2016, with an album launch at Wroclaw WIF Festival.

Yes, I’ve been busy.

A fabulous time playing with Sol Invictus at Prophecy Fest; thanks to them for the invite, and lovely to join up with the old gang after so long, and play with all round lovely man Don Anderson from Agalloch.

I have gigs next week in London and Brighton. then off to NCN festival to play all-new material with 7JK.

This will be a good while yet, but for REDROOM 020 I’m planning something special. Different. And secret. And ‘spring it on you’. Expect me when you least expect me! 😉

Matt – Aug 2016

The Old Magic & sister-album The Other Side Of The River have arrived ;)

OM products pic rough

The Old Magic CD has just arrived, and is ready for release. For those of you reading her IT IS in fact released– I’ve pretty much dispensed with the idea of a release date (though the official date and digital release are 2 Aug 2016) as I’m a one-man band, not a business. Getting them out there will enable me to pay for Redroom 019 (7JK ‘Ride The Solar Tide’), do stuff like eating, fund my plan to row England nearer to Europe and attaching it, and clear space in the Redroom stockroom.

The Other Side Of the River is the sister-album to The old Magic, and will be a strictly limited to 500 copies, never re-pressed. The Old Magic CD brings together and develops the digital EP series, Lietuva, Norse and Briton into a cohesive whole. Most are newly recorded to fit seamlessly together as an album. The mood is firmly set in Roman Britain. (Or is it?) And more confrontational and hypnotic than previously. The Other Side Of the River CD includes all other tracks from the digital series, and original EP full-length versions. Some old faves here, too, reworked for 2016.

These are on sale NOW in my shop, here, as a pair. I’m not broadly advertising it yet, this is just for those of you who know to come here 🙂

Hope you’ll like these new works.

Matt Howden – June 2016

ps; some more details here:

THE OLD MAGIC CD TRACKS: Old Magic; Modron; Come, Raven King; Hillfort Mindse; Ready For Rebellion; Black Moon, Rise Again; A Hart For St Hubertus; The Other Side Of The River.

RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes. CAT NUMBER: Redroom Records 018
FORMAT: Maltese Cross digipack CD with artwork by Martin F Bedford.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER TRACKS: Loki 2015, The Old Magic (Norse EP), We Wait 2016.2, Knudlustysummer 2016, Ready For Rebellion (Norse EP), Love Must Wax Cold, Cult Of The Fallen 2016, Black Moon Rise Again (Lietuva EP), Loki Rides Again

RUNNING TIME: 55 mins CAT NUMBER: Redroom Records 017
FORMAT: Four panel digipack CD with artwork by Martin F Bedford.


Written, performed and produced by Matt Howden, at Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England, 2016. Mastered by Dan Worrall.

The Other Side cover artLo Res The Old Magic cover art

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