Briton EP out today!

Hillfort Mindset by Martin Bedford

Hillfort Mindset by Martin Bedford

Briton EP is now out, with the Full Moon.

I started this series of three EPs back at the start of 2015, with some vague notion of combining them into two CDs at the end. Since then, rather beautifully (these things have a mind of their own) the songs and themes have generated themselves into something new. Add to that the fact that I tried listening to all six new long tracks back to back, as I’d planned for the album, and it was a bit heavy going, and didn’t really work. These things are a whole, to me, at least.

With that in mind, and being the serial tweaker/re-worker/re-recorder that I am, I’ll be ‘going at’ some of the tracks again for The Old Magic CD. Developments in the feel and sound of Briton want me to bring everything else more in line, make this album a ‘whole’ rather than collection of EPs. I work best when each ‘thing’ (each product, each release) works as a whole, rather than just a vessel for a collection of songs.

Ah, I’m only going to do a bit: re-record Black Moon Rise Again (again again!); The Old Magic track, shorter and with more impact; totally shorten and power up Ready For Rebellion (done, tick that one off); add two new tracks, St Huburtus (written) and St Hilde (to do). The bonus CD will also get the same ‘Howdening’. On The Other Side Of the River will contain Loki, We Wait, and Loki Rides Again (as is, happy with them); Cult Of The Fallen and Knudlustysummer (already re-worked into 2016 version) plus a new track, and original EP versions not on the main CD.

Quite simply, I’ve given up following the conventions of the industry and simply am following what the music commands of me. Apologies if it seems like a pig’s ear, it is what it is. More like seeing the inside of my head than ever before. I usually have solid shapes and formed plans before I start these things. I should also have made you some kind of diagram and colour chart, pointing to various bits of my brain, with a Key down the side. In the end its the music that should, and does run the show. I just did what it said.

Matt Howden 22 Feb 2016

Briton EP

Briton EP is available to purchase on my Bandcamp, here.

Technically its not released til 22 Feb, but I’ve set all tracks to be immediately downloadable. each of the four tracks come with its own artwork.

I’m just not going to tell anyone else until 22nd February!

Hope you’ll like it- I’ve worked my ears off with mixing these.

Matt Howden – Feb 2016

Come, Raven King. Artwork by Martin F Bedford

Come, Raven King. Artwork by Martin F Bedford

Briton EP on its way

Briton EP out very soon, its in the process of being mastered. I’ve slaved over this one, for sure. And this will conclude my Ep trilogy. I’m re-working, re-recording (why are you not surprised, I ask myself? 😉 tracks after that, for The Old Magic CD, it won’t simply be the new tracks from the EP. I tried it, laying it out and listening, in several ways. It demanded to be its own thing, so it will be that.

Gigs in Vienna, (near) Barcelona, and Rome just announced and happening in Feb and March.

I’m back off to a darkened room to work on The Old Magic. Looking forward to hearing people’s responses to Briton EP, too 😉 the tracks are as follows:


Hillfort Mindset

Come, Raven King

We wait 2016

Of course I’ll be letting those of you on my mailing list know first, as soon as its all ready to go. Offical release may well be 22 February, with the New Moon, but I’ll let you all know before that 🙂


Hillfort Mindset by Martin Bedford

Hillfort Mindset by Martin Bedford

Norse EP released today :)

lo res Loki Rides AgainNorse EP released today, with the New Moon. You can buy it all sorts of places online, but also (and best for me, as an independent artist) from my Bandcamp. Might be cheaper on iTunes etc for you 🙂 Or simply wait for the CD release next year – you can still listen now on Bandcamp, should you wish to.

Go for the full bandwidth audio, though, if you want the full experience 🙂 I’ve worked long and hard on the sonic quality of these four tracks, you might want to hear those details! Though, equally you might just want to hoover and yowl along, ignoring said sonic qualities, and just enjoy the beat- feel free!

Matt Howden – 11 November 2015



Norse EP out Wednesday 11 Nov

Norse EP, the second of three digital releases that will form the new Sieben album The Old Magic, (and related ‘Rework The Old Magic’ extra CD) is released Weds 11 Nov. Then I’ll start working on Britannic/Briton EP- not sure what it’ll be called exactly, as yet…

If you’re coming to see me live you can pick up limited edition woodcuts with a digital download code on the back for both Lietuva and Norse EPs. If you’re a regular patron of Sieben you can always message and arrange for me to send you one, though I’ve deliberately kept them out of my shop as they’re limited editions of 25 and 30 for the first and second EP.

Looking forward to gigs in Stockholm, Munich and Lobau in the next couple of weeks. And getting on with the final tracks for The Old Magic.

You can hear, and purchase Norse EP at my Bandcamp 🙂

Matt Howden – 9 Nov 2015

Norse EP pre-release

Hello! Wanted to give those of you signed up to my site and reading my blog the first heads-up on this:

The second of my three digital EPs, “Norse EP” is now up on my Bandcamp site for pre-order, here. If you’re a ‘physical-only’ kinda person, hang on for the CD release of The Old Magic, sometime in 2016. Nothing to stop you going to have a listen now, though 😉 – and some extra, re-worked tracks that won’t be on The Old Magic are included with this release…

Release date is 11 November 2015, with the new moon. With pre-orders you’ll get two tracks now, and all tracks on release date, plus the five artwork ‘pieces’ – one for each song, and the cover art.

Matt Howden – 20 October 2015

P.S. Here’s the track list and one of Martin Bedford’s artwork pieces to whet your appetite:

Raise, whirl, unfurl the Old Magic!

Raise, whirl, unfurl the Old Magic! 

The Old Magic

I’m working on a new Sieben album, which will be named The Old Magic. My plan is to release three digital EPs, then the physical CD, sometime soon after. The Old Magic will have all six ten-minute tracks from Lietuva, Norse, and Britannica EPs, on one CD, and all the re-worked tracks on the other CD. So, hang on for the CD, if you prefer it physical! 🙂 Not sure they’ll be a vinyl, though someone may step in and offer to do it. Going to need three sides of vinyl simply to get the new tracks on, though…

Got gigs in Sheffield (UK), Stockholm (SE), Munich and Lobau (DE) coming up in the next few weeks, and really looking forward to those. I’ll be bringing along original artwork prints from The Old Magic, and woodcuts with digital download codes for Lietuva EP, too. Bring your wallets!

I recently did a live session for the marvellous Phantom Circuit radio show. I recorded two songs, live in the studio (complete with a little message for Phantom Circuit on their 7th anniversary), both from The Old Magic album: Black Moon Rise Again, which some of you will have heard in its studio form, of course; and the title track from the next album, The Old Magic. I’ve got a bit of a sore throat whilst recording it live, so there’s the odd snuffle and failure to hit the right note, occasionally – forgive me for that 😉 Listen here. The show is full of great stuff, each month. I regularly listen eagerly.

Matt Howden -October 2015

Horned Man by Martin Bedford

Horned Man by Martin Bedford

Trilogy of EPs leading to double Sieben CD

I’m currently working on the second of what now appears to be a trilogy of digital EPs, which will culminate in a double Sieben CD. I have a plan to fill the first CD with the new material from the three EPs, as their content is all connected in certain ways. The other CD will contain all the re-worked tracks that accompany each EP, that I’ve been enjoying doing lately. It seemed like a good way to do it, as most people seem to want the physical product, in the end. I think it will all be too long for vinyl…

I’m in the middle of writing the Norse EP, presently. Two songs written so far, Ready For Rebellion and The Old Magic. I’m hoping to write a third, again in the style of Leituva EP, where the tracks have a good length and a strong ‘ritual’ element. I’ll accompany these with two re-worked tracks; namely Loki, which I’ve been having fun with in its new looped form at live concerts recently, and possibly We Wait For Them, souped up with the new looper sounds. These will be recorded at Club 60, as was Each Divine Spark, down to 2″ analogue tape.

I’ve also put a new product in my shop: Horned Man artwork, by Martin Bedford.

Horned Man by Martin Bedford

Horned Man by Martin Bedford

This is a one-off limited edition of 25, hand-signed and numbered by the artist. (Signed by myself also). A high-quality print of artwork from the EP trilogy / CD.

New concerts added to my concerts page: Stockholm, and Munich in November. I’ll also be performing a live film soundtrack to Maya Deren‘s At Land at a local festival in September.

Okay, enough for now. Getting back to writing words for Norse EP. I’m currently writing one called The Old Magic, whose words are pretty much all words now common in English, but originating from old Norse. Keeps me happy. Traust me. And “Raise, whirl, unfurl the old magic” wherever possible 🙂 Hope to see some of you at my live shows. and if you haven’t bought the Rasp CD yet, buy the Rasp CD! Its a fab album that I’m really proud of, but as we’re not gigging as Rasp its proving hard to shift –  while you’re at it, you could also get one of the twenty five beautiful Horned Man prints that Martin Bedford has done, if you like 😉 It will fund my next CD…

Matt Howden 20 August 2015

Sieben @ Tramlines Festival this weekend

I’ll be playing two sets at my hometown festival, Tramlines, in Sheffield this weekend.

Both are on Sunday 26 July:

4pm – 2Fly and Bouquet Of Steel presents The Sheffield Music City Stage on Fargate.

6pm – The Red Lion centre of town, near The Cheesegrater

I’ll be playing different material at each 😉 Really looking forward to Tramlines, I’ll be about Friday,Saturday and Sunday seeing some great bands 🙂

Things to come

I’ve had a worm-tweakingly lovely response to my new Sieben Lietuva EP, and the new Sieben sound – thank you, to those who’ve given it so, played it, bought it, shared it, eaten it in the pale moonlight. The digital-only release is a reflection on the modern world, that I’m just about coming to terms with. It certainly makes sense for the artist; Each Divine Spark took £4,800 and a year of my life working hard, to release as a ‘thing’; it broke even after eighteen months of further work and gigging. (If you don’t count my time developing, writing, researching, recording, and the studio equipment I bought to facilitate its release. And let’s face it, artists never do count any of that time). Leituva EP, my latest work, broke even within six days of release – even with a hell of a lot less people actually buying it than Each Divine Spark. (If you don’t count my time, or the six months I spent recording, re-recording, and re-re-recording them to develop a new Sieben sound. Include some crying, maniacal laughing, dancing, moshing, despairing, munching and wiggling in there too).

I’ve been working on getting all my live set playable with new looper and all-new technological effects pedals: I’ve eventually amassed up to around thrity five Sieben songs I can now do live. (That’s three hours plus on my Logic file, even playing each of them as short as possible -prepare for Grateful Dead-type concert, then! These songs span across the Sieben albums since the early Stone Age, when I was first discovered as a charcoal cave painting in Southern France 😉 Loki is one that people have often asked for, that I can now do as a loop. (It was originally written on guitar). Similarly, Anubis, from Hellfires (2000) and Ogham Inside The Night, as well as one from newer albums such as Minack, Donald, Floating, and I Saw A Face.

Got a really fun, typically odd, concoction of gigs coming up (see my Tour Dates section for details) in the UK and Europe in the next couple of months. Germany, Furth and Berlin this weekend; Henley Festival will be wondrous, in a couple of weeks, beside The Thames, bring your own boat; in Northern France with lovely art mavericks and secret by-night plaster-casters Rosa Crux, as August begins; then off to Blackpool for the Rebellion Punk festival in the Winter Gardens, where the pies are golden. After that I’m hoping to play in a tudor house in a park, and up a twenty metre firetruck, and a minor Tramlines appearance in the back room of a pub. All good, then 😉

I’ve just re-released Intimate & Obstinate (1999, that’s a previous Century, folks!), my first ever solo and CD release, on my Bandcamp. You can listen or buy, here. Same, with Lietuva EP, here.

Next up for me is finally getting round to some Rasp concerts, I reckon, along with all the Sieben ones. And working on a new EP, possibly a ‘Norse’ one. And working out what all the flashing lights and buttons on my new pedals do 😉


Matt Howden – June 2015




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