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  • Sat

    Sieben @ Scheunenmottenkiste, Germany


    Die vorletzte Scheune 🙂

    Wir freuen uns auf:

    Matt Howden /Sieben




    Der Nachtportier


    Poor Decisions


    Animal Man




    Wie immer gilt...es ist eine reine Privatveranstaltung!

  • Sun

    Sieben @ Festival Les Nuits Dark Ritual 9ème édition, Chateau de Choix, FR

    Chateau de Thoix, 16 Rue du Village, 80160 Thoix

    9th Edition of Rosa Crux's magical, bespoke and beautifully tiny festival. You would not believe the work and endeavour they put into this festival, to create the magic. Ten great bands, portable graveyards, crypts, simple, lovely food and beer- all within the grounds of a beautiful chateau. And no-one complains about the noise, because he's the mayor - and a lovely man, too! Main Facebook page for this event here.

    Very happy to be asked back to play this. Its always my pleasure.

    The festival runs from the 2nd-4th August.

    9èmes Nuits Dark Ritual ~ week-end événementiel
    Vendredi 2, samedi 3 et dimanche 4 août 2019
    Château de Thoix / Nord de France
    A P R E S M I D I
    - Expo photo : "Obscures Passions" (expo collective).
    - Exposition thématique "Mors, Mortis" : installations, gravures & collections d'objets. (création ndr9)
    - Reconstitutions G.N. "Le Cimetière", "Totenbahn" (création ndr9)
    - Ruelle des exposants : Disques, artisanat, vêtements, bijoux, curiosités.
    - "Sortiarvs" antiques & oddities shop, curiosités macabres.
    S O I R E E S
    - 10 groupes en concert :
    Vendredi : Stupor Mentis / Da Geist / She Pleasures Herself
    Samedi : Curse of the Vampire / Camecrude / Asthoreth / Rosa†Crvx
    + Performances : Les Grands Cônes, R115, Danse de la Terre, La cage.
    Dimanche : NKRT / Treha Sektori / Sieben
    N U I T S
    - Sculptures de Feu : "Croix de fer", "Valle Miseriae" "Pentaculum", "Cercle des Sorcieres" "Rosace" (création ndr9)
    - Batcave Party les 3 nuits jusqu’à l'aube,.Trois DJs dans la grande salle sous une deco macabre
    Stands bar & restauration
    Camping & parking gratuit dans le parc du chateau.
    Sur réservations uniquement : http://www.rosacrux.org/NDR9/

  • Thu

    Sieben at The Priory, Louth (UK)


    The Priory Hotel, 149 Eastgate, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 9AJ

    Dear Louth, I may look a bit shouty on the poster, but I promise I will lull you with sweet sounds from my violin, as well as thumping the hell out of it to make beats and give it a bit of oomph when necessary! I've had two lovely concerts with you at Zero-Degrees festival, and I'd really like to do right by The Priory, so please come along and if you enjoyed me, please spread the word. On a personal note, one of the main reasons I'm doing this concert is because I've loved spending time over in Louth, and would love to build an audience amongst you to continue doing so. Sharing the poster, telling your friends, coming along, forcibly dragging others along all helps 😉 I hope to see you there. 

  • Fri

    Sieben @ Schwarzer Herbst 2019, Lobau, Germany

    Johanniskirche Löbau, Johannisstraße 6/8, 02708 Löbau, Germany

    I'm very happy to be back playing SCHWARZER HERBST 2019. I'll be playing the Friday night of the festival 🙂

    Fast nun schon traditionell wird am Donnerstag in der No6 Bodega für alle, die schon eher anreisen, der SCHWARZE HERBST eröffnet.
    TRAUM'ER LEBEN geben sich am 24.10.2019 im familiären Rahmen dieses wunderbaren Restaurants die Ehre.

    Freitag, 25.10.2019
    S A R R A M

    Samstag, 26.10.2019
    St. Michael Front
    Jordan Reyne

    More information soon .............

  • Sat

    Sieben at Dulcimer Bar, Manchester (UK)


    The Dulcimer Bar, 567 Wilbraham Road, M21 0AE Manchester, United Kingdom

    My first ever Sieben gig in Manchester, and a long time since I gigged there with other projects. Really looking forward to this one. Please share, and drag anyone along if you're coming - I certainly haven't got a ready-made audience in Manchester but would love to build one - with your help! So any help appreciated 🙂 I can only promise to give it full-guts, heart and should when I perform for you. I'll be doing a full live-looping set, and aim to tear it up. And then politely stick it back together again, whilst apologising. Then I might just rip it some more 😉

    TICKETS ARE £7 on the door.

  • Fri

    Sieben @ Kult 41, Bonn (DE)


    Kult 41, Hochstadenring 41, Bonn, Germany

    Really looking forward to playing in Bonn for the first time ever!

    Tickets kosten 10€ - reservieren via sieben-im-kult41@web.de !

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