7JK- Ride The Solar Tide CD


7JK’s second album, Ride The Solar Tide.

A slight tweak of personnel here, 7JK is now Matt Howden and Maciek Frett.


All tracks written, performed, and produced by Maciek Frett and Matt Howden. (Additional vocals on Starseed by Hanna Stubbs, recorded at Red Tape Central Studios, Sheffield). Mixed by Maciek Frett. Words by Matt Howden. Recorded at Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England and Sun Six Studio, Wroclaw, Poland, in 2016.  Mastered by Dan Worrall. Artwork by Martin F. Bedford.

1  Liftoff for 7JK

2  The Centre Of The Universe

3  Barry The Astonishing

4  Dark Energy

5  Guidance is Internal

6  Slow Flow Snowflake

7  Black Hole Entropy

8  The Next Great Page Turn

9  Undergrowth

10 Starseed



7JK:  Ride The Solar Tide

Label: Redroom Records
Catalogue number: Redroom 019 CD
Released: 3rd November 2016




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Weight 60 g

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