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You want some? You want crumbs from the rich man’s table? You want dark overlords messing with world morality, or a furious, satirical, tweed-clad anti-hero? Welcome to Sieben’s new album, crumbs. Welcome to gothpunktronic. Elegant, up-beat and angry. A crafted manifesto of horror and verbal burlesque.



01 I Will Ignore The Apocalypse

02 Coldbloods

03 Is It Dark Enough?

04 Sleep Our Dream

05 The Overlords Are Back

06 30p Opera

07 Here Is The News

08 Crumbs

09 Post-Brexit Dreams Of Albion

10 Sell Your Future

11 You Want Some?

12 Just Be A Lot Nicer

13 Liberal Snowflake

14 Forge A Better World

15 We Will Be Alright

16 Can You Hear The Wind Coming?

BONUS CD TRACKS: 17 Here Is The News (BAND VERSION) 18 Coldbloods (BAND VERSION)


crumbs CD: 10 panel colour Digipack            crumbs DIGITAL:

CAT NO: REDROOM 020CD                      CAT NO: REDROOM 021D

UPC: 0607841607469                                    UPC: 0607841607476

RUNNING TIME: 48 minutes                     RUNNING TIME: 42 minutes



ALBUM CREDITS: Written, performed and produced by Matt Howden, at Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England, 2018. Additional real drums (rather than some bloke hitting a violin) on tracks 1, 2, 7, 8 and 10 by Tom Didlock. Drums engineered by Estelle Varley, Jonny Butler and Joe Lawson. Extra-super vocals on Crumbs and You Want Some? by Zowie Lumsdale. Extra-super-shouty vocal on Sell Your Future by Jonny Butler. The CD bonus tracks feature Sieben band versions of two album tracks. My thanks and gratitude to the band: Sam Bartholomew (drums), Henry Leggatt (bass), and Joe Marsden (guitar). Band recordings engineered by Will Sandbach and Jamie Rupik. Both the extra drums and the Sieben band were recorded at Red Tape Studios, Sheffield, England. Thanks to the following, for me bending their ear during the making of crumbs: Giulio Di Mauro, Martin Bedford, Jo Nicholson, Justin Wetherill, and Robin Downe whose final listen and sage words were much appreciated. Mastered by Dan Worrall. Photography by Mal Whichelow. Artwork by Martin F Bedford.


Sieben:  crumbs

Label: Redroom Records
Catalogue number: Redroom 020 CD
Released: 3rd August 2018




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