Matt Howden / Keith Howden – The Matter Of Britain book & CD

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‘The Matter of Britain’ is written by Keith Howden, my father. It contains two sets of poems: ‘The Matter of Britain’, pulling at the Arthurian legends, and ‘Witchwords’, drawing on the story of ‘The Pendle witches’, set in his native Lancashire. For each of the poems, he has created an illustration. On the accompanying CD, he reads the poems and I have set them to music. The music is atmospheric and neo-classical, tied to the words and the power of the poems.

Tracklisting: The Matter of Britain I • The Matter of Britain II • The Matter of Britain III • The Matter of Britain IV • The Matter of Britain V • The Matter of Britain VI • The Matter of Britain VII • Demdike • Chattox • Demdike sings the moor’s season • Witchwords • Flying ointment • Fellchant for two voices/Truth

The hardback and bound book is beautfully produced by PREcordings in Rome on quality paper and card. Front cover is embossed in gold. The CD mounts inside the back cover of the book, with matching artwork.

Limited to 500 copies only. This is something truly special and unique.


<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;” src=”” seamless><a href=”″>The Matter Of Britain (2009) by Matt Howden</a></iframe>

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