Post Romantic Empire – deluxe DOUBLE VINYL & 7″ white VINYL

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Post Romantic Empire’s rather gorgeous double vinyl deluxe release, with 7″ white vinyl single, in embossed black sleeve.

This album will not be printed ever again. The Post Romantic Empire Album consists of 1001 copies of a double lp and a 7″.

Featuring: Roger O’Donnell, Julia Kent, Maja Elliot, Gitane Demone, John Contreras, Pueri Cantores Regina Nivis choir, Matt Howden, Peter Hook, Nat Wason, David Tibet, Annabella Lwin, Dave Barbarossa, Vin Cassidy and Larry Cassidy, Massimo Pupillo, Andrew Liles, Baby Dee, Little Annie Bandez, Matt Sweeney, Matthew Robinson, Skip Shirley, Sarah Alden, Robbie Lee, Sarah Nowicki, Andrew W.K.

A whole host of people, therefore!

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