Sieben – The Old Magic & The Other Side Of The River CD


The Old Magic CD brings together and develops the digital EP series, Lietuva, Norse and Briton into a cohesive whole. The mood is firmly set in Roman Britain. Or is it? Sieben is in more confrontational and hypnotic mood than ever.

Sister-album, The Other Side Of the River CD includes all other tracks from the digital series, and original EP full-length versions. Some old faves here, too, reworked for 2016. (limited edition of 500, never to be re-pressed, for The Other Side CD)

THE OLD MAGIC CD TRACKS: Old Magic; Modron; Come, Raven King; Hillfort Mindse; Ready For Rebellion; Black Moon, Rise Again; A Hart For St Hubertus; The Other Side Of The River.

RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes. CAT NUMBER: Redroom Records 018

FORMAT: Maltese Cross digipack CD with artwork by Martin F Bedford.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER TRACKS: Loki 2015, The Old Magic (Norse EP), We Wait 2016.2, Knudlustysummer 2016, Ready For Rebellion (Norse EP), Love Must Wax Cold, Cult Of The Fallen 2016, Black Moon Rise Again (Lietuva EP), Loki Rides Again

RUNNING TIME: 55 mins CAT NUMBER: Redroom Records 017

FORMAT: Four panel digipack CD with artwork by Martin F Bedford.




Sieben: The Old Magic & limited edition (500) ‘sister’ album, the Other Side Of The River. (2016)

Label: Redroom Records
Catalogue number: Redroom 017 & 018 CD
Released: 2nd August 2016

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Weight 130 g

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