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2020 IN BRIEF…

2020 IN BRIEF: Album release planned, festivals, tour dates booked. Covid cometh. ALL GONE. Teach online, work out broadcasting.First gig online. Scramble to master the sound, struggle to operate cameras, lights. Rehearse, record, learn songs, teach, sleep, repeat weekly. DIY. Lovely Church of Sieben est.2020. 36 gigs in a row. Build each week to Friday. Papier Mache something. Often a moon, sometime a Big Kev. ‘Record some songs’ becomes ’10 CD retrospective career so far re-write Boxset’. 2020 VISION releases digitally, then CD, vinyl. Cat T shirts. Kev, George, Amber, Big Kev, Not So Big Kev, Mel, The Upstairs Hoover, The Old One, Stand, and Jonaton Monotron form ensemble. Sieben covers album. Sieben all-covers gig. 14 Sieben albums performed live in concert. 67 LS videos made – Lockdown a strange beast! Live Solstice album culmination. LS 2020 ENDS… (except two videos which release 24.12 and 25.12 😉 )

Expect the Grateful Dead (Gruntled Dead?) version of Sieben with concert 37 tomorrow night, as I indulge in a two-hour special and bask in the reflection of The Ginger One’s glory. Culminates with a virtual ‘Who’s Been Digging In The Garden, George?’ and a hymn that Kev’s written for us all as a message of hope for 2021 😉 I finish off the year with this live album concert, Winter Solstice Special, and as always try to top the previous show. This time more so than ever 😉


I can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful journey, the fantastic travels we’ve had whilst at home in socks; for the mental and physical exercise-wheel of joy that has been LOCKDOWN SIEBEN 2020 for me 😀 A chance for me to really develop what I do, push myself, in ideal conditions. With a Kev. With you. With a new there-and-then approach. Re-connected me with my old material, integrated it all with a new sound. The ultimate As They Should Sound for me, with the better half of my back catalogue. With one major exception: No wasteful pursuit of over-cooking, over-working the mixtures making studio albums. It’s taught me a new, simpler more effective way: Pick up Kev, do it live, pedals ready to go, knowing there’s an eager audience, and as always having a real desire to expand the music I make and keep it fresh has driven me like never before. Despite Lockdown’s many downsides this has been an absolute joy, a labour of love for me to undertake, and to offer out to you. Truly a real blessing for an independent artist to have an outlet, a lovely audience that cares, and brings so much to the live concerts, and the LOCKDOWN SIEBEN Facebook group, its interactions, its friendships formed.

More to come in 2021, of course. I’ve still got to get to 100 videos, Volumes 8, 9 and 10 need doing, other albums need their own night. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see it through to a one-year cycle. I’m guessing you won’t be that surprised, either 😉

Thank you all so, so much.

Matt Howden 19 Dec 2020

Lockdown the Covers album

Guess what I found, digging in the garden this morning? My new Lockdown the Covers album! Now in my shop. In fact, ONLY in my shop. I bought a license to use other people’s songs for this CD. So it won’t be available digitally, or any other format. Just 750 of these mildly bad boys 😉

I’ve also done an ‘offer‘ whereby if you buy this and 2020 VISION CD, you get them a little cheaper.

Guaranteed NOT to get to you before Christmas! 😉

This album launches on Friday, with the online live show, concert 35, Don’t mention The ‘C’ Word.

Lockdown Sieben Volume Sieben

Hey ho, lockdownsters! I’m up to Volume 7 in my ‘rework my back catalogue through the medium of Kev’ trial-by-index-cards 😉

Kev seems to have developed a very poor Brummie accent, for some reason…

It’s out now, on my Bandcamp


Tonight is concert 30 live online, LS#61, Volume Sieben Nacht! Loving the vibe you all bring to these nights 🙂

Matt – Nov 2020

The halfway point of LOCKDOWN SIEBEN

Well, it’s five months since what started as ‘make a little video of a couple of songs’ turned into a project that aims to make 100 videos (55 so far), 10 albums reworking the best of my back catalogue (Volume 6 release this Friday, with the concert in the evening), re-learn 105 songs (92 so far), and make 105 index cards!

Friday sees the release of Volume 6, and just over the halfway point, I guess. I made a video of what’s happened so far:

It’s been amazing, demanding, and intense throughout, made brilliant by your support and enthusiasm. Despite 2020 absolutely falling apart at the start of the year, for all of us, this really has sustained me, and been an island of sanity. An odd but fitting way to celebrate the 20th year of doing my Sieben project. A weird and wonderful unification of my work past and present has taken place, in part led my the army that is Kev, (my kevlar 5 string violin) but for the most part, by you 🙂 I look forward immensely to another five months of giving it my best to entertain you and amuse you. And give you a little island of sanity, too, hopefully.

Matt Howden- Sept 2020

Halfway Sieben lists

Hi all 🙂 Well, I reckon I’m about halfway through my LOCKDOWN SIEBEN project as of now. I’d planned #LS100 videos- be they individual songs, or concerts. lately I’ve been branching out into some ‘making of’ videos for your amusement. (Hopefully!) I’m up to #LS51. Including one proper one made by Chris Ogden at Long Chalk Media, in which many of you star! And of course the 22 concerts, each Friday since May 1st have been such a major part of this, and so special and precious to me. The whole project has allowed me to develop and grow my craft at super-speed under the warm light of your kind engagement with it; to re-engage myself and integrate my older material, and re-explore it and a whole new soundscape with Kev! And an utterly lovely community has formed around it. Here’s my first list, of the videos and concerts so far:





#3 CONCERT 1 – 1st May 2020 – 2020 VISION ALBUM LAUNCH

#4 SONG – Northern Lights

#5 SONG – Transmission(ish)

#6 SONG – Black Moon, Rise Again

#7 SONG – Death tape Updated For 2020

#8 CONCERT 2 – 8th May 2020

#9 SONG – Hillfort Mindset

#10 SONG – Coldbloods

#11 SONG The Sun

#12 SONG – Crumbs

#13 CONCERT 3 – 15th May 2020

#14 SONG – Donald

#15 SONG – Kickstart The Empire!

#16 SONG – Love Must Wax Cold

#17 SONG – Minack Theatre


#19 CONCERT 5 – 29th May 2020

#20 SONG – Heroes (David Bowie cover)

#21 SONG – Second Witchwords Heroes


#23 SONG – Ogham the Spirit

#24 SONG – Written in Fire

#25 CONCERT 7 – 12th June 2020

#26 SONG – I Saw a Face

#27 CONCERT 8 – 19th June 2020

#28 CONCERT 9 21st June – SUMMER SOLSTICE Special

#29 POPUP SIEBEN Youtube MINI concert 24th June 2020


#31 POPUP SIEBEN Ogham On The Hill – HINDRHEIMR TASTER taster)



#34 CONCERT 12 –  4th July 2020 – CELEBRATA HINDRHEIMR (NO)

#35 SONG – Rite For The Unfulfilled

#36 CONCERT 13 – 10th July 2020 – WHO’S BEEN DIGGING? – CONOR NUTT!

#37 CONCERT 14 – 17th July 2020 – SEX & WILDFLOWERS NIGHT


#39 POPUP SOUNDCHECK SIEBEN – 27th July 2020 – KULT 41, BONN (DE)


#41 CONCERT 17 – 1st Aug 2020 – KULT 41, BONN (DE)

#42 SONG – Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood!

#43  CONCERT 18 – 7th Aug 2020 – KEV’S FRESH BUM BATTERIES

#44 Forget Me Not

#45 OFFICIAL LS VIDEO Come and Ride in the Cult Of Light – Long Chalk Media




#49 Some thoughts on looping Floating

#50 The making of the Almost Home project



Lullaby – The Cure Compilation

Crumbs – Left Folk BLM Compilation

Here Is The News – Paul Bower 2.5minutes compilation.

The Old Magic – CINYF




I’ve also been busy (as you’ve all noticed, thanks so much for all the orders) with merch: T shirts, badges, 2020 VISON CDs (made possible by you all buying the LS Volumes), the LOCKDOWN SIEBEN 5 VOLUMES to date, and currently silkscreen prints and very limited edition vinyl.

This has been an absolute artisan project from the start, reflected in its nature by both the price and the short run produced. It started from a facebook post where I asked if anyone would like an exclusive vinyl.  ALL FIFTEEN COPIES WERE SNAPPED UP STRAIGHT AWAY. Apologies if you missed out. Though you haven’t seen the price yet! There really could only be so many made. Making more would have made the process somewhat cheaper overall, but not so special, I decided in the end. This was entirely about getting some fantastic and skilled artisans to show off their craft. Jon Downing at Doitthissen Records, lathe cut each 2020 VISION album on to 2 x 10″ 180gm clear vinyl disks with his lathe. He has to do it in real time, and listen each time, so I guess he’s pretty fed up with the album by now 😉 Next, Martin Bedford (who does all my artwork) designed the image and how the layers would work for the silkscreen printing. Rupert and Dan at APG Works, a lovely little gallery and workshop in the centre of Sheffield, then set about making the screens and printing each layer:

15 white card vinyl sleeves were printed, and ten prints on Somerset Velvet 280gsm, Radiant White paper, with torn edges. 10″ four colour print. An amazing old-school process, and they really are looking so beautiful and feel so nice on thick fluffy archive paper. There are still six of these left, in my shop. The vinyl is finished, but I’m waiting on the labels and inserts. It’s beautifully minimal, and a testament to the amazing design and sensibilities of Martin Bedford. I will write 2020 VISION on the front, we both will sign it in pencil. That’s it. A card insert inside, simple labels, a CD copy, and some wooden Ogham ‘strengtheners’ I made from plywood, and have spent the last few weeks nipping down to the cellar to jigsaw an Ogham shape in wood, then take it outside to be sprayed:

LLOCKDOWN SIEBEN has also brought about the Who’s Been Digging In The Garden, George? section, where I get the chance to show you some of the wonderful artists that Sheffield has, nestled in it’s beautifully hairy underbelly. First up we had Andy Whitehouse, then Rhiannon Scutt come play beautiful sets for us. Andy very kindly opened his Almost Home project up to our LOCKDOWN SIEBEN Facebook group (feel free to join, anyone), and we made a track together. See video 50 for the making of this, and hear many of the wonderful contributions. We’ll release this sometime soon, with all profits going to ASSIST charity in Sheffield 😀 Up coming up soon for these nights will be a couple of bands. First off the fabulous fast and furious two-piece that are Yo Dynamo at this Friday’s concert. Same time and place each Friday, in case you don’t know: Sieben page, facebook, 8pm UK time. Next month will see Duck come play for you all, too – love this band, and this will be just glorious. fact is I’ve never got to see them play live as I’ve always been gigging when they are, so this is a double-win for me 😉

What seemed an impossible task in normal times actually became doable due to the pandemic. Being asked to make short video initially in April 2020, has morphed beyond belief. I’ve learned many new skills with broadcasting, sound, and indeed looping. The regular concerts with scientifically (no less) comparable measures of the sound and broadcast, what works best, what I can improve, has improved my live sound immeasurably. (Sorry, Science, I let you down at the end, there 😉 ) That in turn has prompted me to try new looping equipment that means I can build the sounds quicker and better. Which meant I was happy recording simply live, raw and direct into your ears. The LOCKDOWN SIEBEN volumes have been such a pleasure for me to create. A mic, a Kev, and two loop lines into the recorder. No studio trickery, just aim for a great live take with character. No problem if the cat comes in and yowls, or Kev does an untimely screech. It’s all in there, all part of its character 🙂 Thus the idea of a 10 Volume LOCKDOWN SIEBEN release. I made these PAY WHAT YOU LIKE, so people can have them during the pandemic whether they pay or not. Many nice sales with this, thank you, and some people are using it as a tip jar for each concert, some are taking for free as they will be buy the CD boxset, some are just taking them 🙂 By April or so, 2021, this will be ready. Pretty much the better half of my entire back catalogue recorded afresh, sounding better than I could have dreamed. They all, (for me, at least) surpass the original album versions. Even from the newer albums. The songs together are more a whole, too. An Ogham track does not sound out of place with a 2020 VISION track in the Lockdown series. They have the raw, live power I’ve never quite been able to capture before. I’ve never been so ‘on my game’ due to the pandemic and so much being cancelled, so much I wasn’t able to do. Such is life. I’ve completed five of the ten Volumes so far. Here’s what’s complete:

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUME 1 (& live concert set 22nd May 2020)


11 Enzosonbenzos (2020) INDEX CARD #LS2

38 Virgin In The Green (S&W) INDEX CARD

24 Sleep, Clara Bow (EDS) INDEX CARD

39 A Firebug Nature (EDS) INDEX CARD

3 Coldbloods (CR) INDEX CARD #LS10

28 Black Moon, Rise Again (OM) INDEX CARD #LS6

40 Ogham The Blood (OGHAM) INDEX CARD

9 Kickstart The Empire! (KICK) INDEX CARD #LS15

81 (The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone)


LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUME 2 (& live concert set 29th May 2020)

41 Millenia (HBF) INDEX CARD

33 Ogham Inside the Night (OGHAM) INDEX CARD


36 Old Magic (deep) (OM)

42 Easy Prey (HBF) INDEX CARD

10 Who Whips (KICK) INDEX CARD

35 Jigsaw Chainsaw (EDS) INDEX CARD

26 We Wait For Them (SWBF) INDEX CARD

17 Come And Ride In The Cult Of Light (2020) INDEX CARD OFFICIAL VIDEO #LS45

84 (Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead)


LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUME 3 (& live concert set 26 June 2020)

27 Hillfort Mindset (OM) #LS9 INDEX CARD

45 I Saw A Face (NLTA) #LS26 INDEX CARD            

46 The Spirit (OGHAM) #LS23

34 Vonnegut (NLTA)

47 Second Witchwords (FTSE) #LS21

32 Love Must Wax Cold (HBF) #LS16

16 Berylsinperil (2020) INDEX CARD #LS32

48 Ready For Rebellion (OM) INDEX CARD

2 You Want Some? (CR) INDEX CARD

83 (JD – Transmission/Walked In Line) INDEX CARD #LS5


LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUME 4 (& live concert set 24th July 2020)

52 Spring Snowdrop (S&W) INDEX CARD

57 A High Broad Field (HBF)

56 Modron (OM) INDEX CARD

68 Rite for the Unfulfilled (DR) #LS35

13 Death Tape Updated for 2020 (2020) INDEX CARD #LS7

8 The Overlords Are Back (CR)

51 Written in Fire (EDS) #LS24

67 Barry The Astonishing (7JK) INDEX CARD

49 Missolonghi Sky (DR) INDEX CARD

23 The Sundolin* (OGHAM) INDEX CARD

80 (Kylie -Can’t Get You)


LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUME 5 (& live concert set 4th Sept 2020)

30 Minack Theatre (SWBF) INDEX CARD #LS17


73 Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood (FILM) INDEX CARD #LS42

63 Loki Rides Again (S&W) INDEX CARD

4  Ignore the Apocalypse (CR) INDEX CARD

50 Floating (NLTA) INDEX CARD

59 Build You A Song (SWBF) INDEX CARD


70 Peterson’s Seat (OSC) INDEX CARD

86 (Cabaret Voltaire) Voice Of America/Damage Is Done) INDEX CARD

Obviously, the second half of this list is TOP SECRET! I have all songs pencilled in, though still 14 more you haven’t heard yet to learn and drop in. I’m drip feeding one per concert for the next 14 weeks. And no doubt some surprises along the way, I’m going wherever you’re talking me on this. You’ve all been the driver, the wonderful force in this. Being at the concerts, creating a fabulous vibe, sharing, buying, downloading, welcoming the other artists, riding with my silliness, contributing, your ideas, kindnesses to each other, sending gifts, sending love, entering into the spirit. An absolute gift for an artist, which this artist will always cherish. Thank you 😀

Matt Howden – Sept 2020


LS4 and a real-world thing or two

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUME 4 released today. I’ll be playing the same songs (and always a little extra) tonight at my usual time and place, online 😉

For those of you local to me, I have an open-air, secret location concert in Sheffield this Sunday. Going to be odd to have to unplug my stuff to do a gig out in the real world! You may all have to hold up large emojis and comments on cardboard signs to make me feel at home. Or maybe I’ll get used to clapping again 😉 It’s a tenner for each day, happening Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, with bands on at 5, 6 and 7pm. I play Sunday at 6pm. In socks, probably 😉

They’re keeping it quiet, the people who are organising this concert. It’s strictly word of mouth, and booking people in on tables, served at distanced tables, buy by their app etc, so all as responsible as they can be. Just thought I’d let you know. Contact me for the link to the venue, and the password to give you access if you wish to come along 🙂 Line up is as follows:

Saturday: Jim & Mick, Banjo Jen, 20 Foot Squid Blues Band

Sunday: Rhiannon Scutt, Sieben, Fargo Railroad Co.

And a trip to the wonderful world of Barry (he of Barry The Astonishing) may be in the offing, with a gig at Fell Foot Wood, Cumbria in September. I would have been playing Erbenfestpiele for Goethes Erben on this date, but this has been postponed until 2021, for me at least, due to possible pandemic travel restrictions. Hopefully all will be well for the whole tour in 2021. This Cumbrian date, and Sheffield on Sunday may form two of the three actual live gigs I play this year, the first being a little gig we put on just before lockdown to celebrate my wife and I’s birthdays. I shall continue to offer divertissement on a Friday evening at 8pm, each week 🙂
Matt – July 2020

Lockdown All-go!

In this week’s compact-as-I-can-possibly-be news, I have t shirts:

Fabulous designs by Martin Bedford.

2 designs (Kev or LS), 3 styles (Male, Female, Female V neck) 4 colour choices (black, dark heather, navy blue, red).

I’ll be ordering them soon, so order one while you can!

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUME 3 is now released, and on my Bandcamp, along with VOLUMES 1 and 2. they are all ‘pay what you like’. There will be A TEN CD BOXSET, with 8 volumes each with nine songs, as per the concert sets, and a double extended loopy Sieben Summer or Winter Solstice set over the last two disks.


I’m online each Friday at 8pm. And loving the vibe, and the fact that all the ‘pockets’ of my existence can finally all come together and meet – brilliantly lovely 😀 This Friday will be a short and (not so) sweet 45 minutes for Blackpool Music Festival, raising money and doing great work for the homeless. It’s free to watch, of course, and I’ll be posting the link when I have it 🙂 And I’m delighted to be on the same bill as Wonk Unit who I’ve seen many times and love to bits!

On Saturday I will be doing a private concert for the wondrous folk of Celebrata Hindrheimr in Norway. I was live in person there last year, and had a lot of fun, so very happy to be beaming through the airwaves to them this year. I will save the video from this and add it to my Youtube, where all things LOCKDOWN SIEBEN  go to rest 😉

Thanks all, for the lovely concerts and vibes, the merch orders and indeed the merch ideas. For the support, and for caring. It’s very much appreciated 🙂

Matt – June 2020

2020 VISION CDs, US TIME SPECIAL concert, Ogham music stands

Hi all, hope life in Lockdown, stuck at home, stuck at home working (me) or god forbid leaving the house and working, is treating you okay!

Some news, then…

2020 VISION CDs have arrived and are now for sale in my shop. If you’d prefer to order from Bandcamp (you get the files too) I’ll be adding it there in a day or so- please feel free to do so, if Bandcamp is more convenient. Also remember you can bank transfer or paypal to me if you don’t like shoddy looking home-made WordPress sites like mine! (I do the best I can!) If you have bought the digital but want the CD, feel free to guilt-free downloading of some LOCKDOWN SIEBEN material as recompense 🙂

I shall be online each Friday EVERY week, it seems, for LOCKDOWN SIEBEN live in concert – with all the gang, Kev, The Upstairs Hoover, Apple, Amber and Ogham Stand. This week Surprise Frenchman pops in for a visit! What will happen next in the ongoing saga at Sieben Towers? Probably a gig, with a touch of added silliness. And the warm and lovely vibe you’re all bringing to these online 🙂 All this stuff is archived regularly on my Youtube channel.

To that end, I’ve started a Facebook group called LOCKDOWN SIEBEN which you are most welcome to come and join, should you wish. It’s lovely to see the pics from your end, chat, get requests, interactions 🙂

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUME 1 & 2 are now on my Bandcamp, Pay What You Like. I’ve been busy learning things that take my fancy, material old and new, for this- and to vary the live concerts as much as is humanly possible. At the minute I’ve managed to learn, map, and loop 51 Sieben songs and 7 covers. And have 22 older songs yet to re-learn. So LOCKDOWN SIEBEN may well be an eight-album CD boxset when all this is over. I’m just looking into that now.

Thank you all so much for your generosity: of spirit, with your mails, interactions with myself and each other at and around the concerts; and financially, purchasing the albums online or physical, over-paying, simply leaving a tip – it is most appreciated.

Finally, there will be a US TIME SPECIAL concert on Saturday/Sunday 21st June, as well as the normal (ha ha, normal!) Friday concert. For everyone, of course, but to accommodate the different time zone, or those of you who are near me, but are night-birds! It’ll be Sunday, 1am GMT. And all my neighbours will be asleep 😉 I’ll add it to my gig list after the weekend.

Hope to see you on a Friday! 🙂




Hi all 🙂 Well, what started as a quick online video of a couple of Sieben songs has swelled slightly!

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN now sees a LIVE ONLINE CONCERT each Friday, 8PM GMT, from Sieben Central (my home studio), and is evolving into something of a soap opera, featuring The Upstairs Hoover, George the cat, Kev, and Amber’s antics. (coming soon- Garden Cam featuring my first remote-but-in-person audience member). Catch it on my SIEBEN Facebook LIVE tab.

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VIDEOS can be seen on my VIDEO tab, or on my YOUTUBE channel. There are currently 19 – 14 individual videos of songs, and the five live concerts that have taken place under Lockdown.

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUMES 1-7 are now underway; LIVE ALBUMS, with sets matching the live concerts. They’re live and raw, and possibly the best versions of the songs I’ve ever produced. Who’d have thought just plugging in and playing would sound best? Doh. That’s twenty five years and thousands of hours of studio time put to shame in the space of seven weeks. Hey ho, couldn’t have got here without them, though 😉 They’re all initially on my Sieben BANDCAMP, but will go on to iTunes etc shortly. But they’ll always be ‘pay what you like’ on my Bandcamp. So do, even if that’s just downloading it for free. Times are hard in many cases, and my aim is to entertain you, and myself, during lockdown and beyond. This isn’t going away for a while yet, and neither am I 😉 This may eventually go to a 7 CD boxset, as some of you asked for that. Just the small matter of getting 2020 VISION on CD before that, and getting enough sold to make it possible 😉 But your generosity with merch purchases post-concert have been incredibly heart-warming (and useful!), with people using the LS albums as a tip jar, a concert ticket, or paying even more than an album would cost- all most generous, and very much appreciated.

VOLUME 1 IS OUT NOW! VOLUME 2 releases this Friday:

So, feel free to download my LS VOLUMES, and I hope to see you at my online concerts on Friday. This week the set is chosen by you- there’s a poll on the fb event page, so feel free to chip and hear the songs you’d most like to hear 🙂

Keep well, all,

Matt – June 2020


Friday Sieben, albums like buses


Well, it seems Friday Sieben online concerts are now something of a tradition. Didn’t want to bore you all, but am getting lovely mails from yourselves telling me they do mean something to you, and are helping right now. So on it goes… As it’s from a PAGE, you don’t have to have a Facebook account or log in, to watch it.

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN – Live Concert 4 – I’ll be performing live from my home this Friday. It’ll be a Facebook Livestream from my SIEBEN PAGE.    –      OR GO TO ‘LIVE’ TAB ON SIEBEN PAGE; if you click ‘interested’ on the virtual flyer it should pop up with a reminder 🙂

8pm (GMT) for the UK   –   9PM CET for Europe   –   3pm (-4UTC) US East Coast

My series of daily videos (Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs) continues on my Youtube channel and I also add the live concerts there. Up to LOCKDOWN SIEBEN #15 now, 3 of those the first 3 online live concerts.

I’m also pleased to announce a brand new release coming out this Friday. I know, it’s like waiting for buses, with some artists 😉 This actually came about from a request (thank you, Jan) to have an album of songs played live, with that new “Kev’ sound that I’ve got. It’s been a bit of a stretch out of my comfort zone in terms of the number of songs I’ve had to re-learn, and it’s tricky when they were written on different loopers, some with very different functions. but I have risen to the task and present you LOCKDOWN SIEBEN Volume 1 – Songs old and new, live looped in Lockdown.  Most are pretty much first-take, and I’m pleased with the warmth I’ve managed to get in the sound, after much tweaking setting up for the online concerts. Sound-wise for a concert it’s the best of both worlds – the studio clarity you can never really get at a live venue. Though lacking the obvious feedback and interaction. Seeing the comment fly by as I’m playing REALLY HELPS, though 🙂 Wanted to let you here know first about this album.


The track list for the album is as follows:

The Sun  –  Enzosonbenzos  –  Virgin In The Green  –  Sleep, Clara Bow  –  A Firebug Nature  –  Coldbloods  –  Black Moon, Rise Again  –  Ogham The Blood  –  Kickstart The Empire!

This album (Redroom 027) will release on Friday, on my Bandcamp.

* Download for free if you like or need 🙂
* Download and pay a tip or a ticket for my online concert
* Download and buy the album, support the artist – Honestly, do whatever fits you best. I’m doing my best to entertain you (and myself) whilst in Lockdown.

Hope to see you on online Friday for the concert. I will start 2 minutes early, to give you time to settle 🙂

Matt- May 2020

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