If I’m writing the press release, it must be on its way soon…

Well, if I’ve written the first few lines, at least… PRESS RELEASE – REDROOM RECORDS – NEW SIEBEN EP

Kickstart The Empire! 

Come on, let’s kick-start an Empire, you and I!

We all need a good plunder now and then.

‘Now’ is a disaster. We want to reinstate ‘then’.

People knew their place, and irony hadn’t yet been invented.

Kickstart The Empire! Is the glorious new Sieben EP, available in three fine Empirical FORMATS: VINYL 7”, DIGITAL EP and EXTENDED DIGITAL EP. RELEASE DATE 27th June 2019…   

The rest is to be continued: There are a surprisingly large amount of details, people, dates, changes dependent on format, catalogue-number-UPC-ISRC type things to collate when making a new release. There will also be a video to support this release. Currently I’m at four pages of info and its all looking quite overwhelmingly informative.

The important thing here is that I’m letting you, my mailing list faithful,  know that you’ll get ‘first dibs’ on the KIckstart vinyl 7″ single, (hand-cut, lathe-cut, cut by serfs of the Empire) if you’d like one, before it goes on general release. Only sixty copies made so it may not get to general release. (You also get the extended digital EP codes, with the vinyl, so you’ll get 8 digital tracks as well as the Double A-Side single- see, once you start explaining there’s loads to account for!) And for those of you that prefer digital these days, there’ll be a chance to pre-order that. And for those in or around Sheffield, or those that fancy a trip, the EP launch concert will be on release date, Thurs 27th June, at The Dorothy Pax venue. (Again, bespoke and intimate, so only 60 places available). The new Sieben band will play, and I will do a looping set. Details to be announced soon. I’ll leave you with the lyrics to Kickstart:

Kickstart The Empire

Give me new old days.

Those heady, Summer old ways.

Gilded history and gold rays.

People knew their place.


Come on, let’s do The Idiot Test…


Kickstart the Empire!

Come on all you good people out there.

Kickstart the Empire!

What’s wrong with all you damn people down there?


Heave those mighty oars!

We can row this land to brave new shores.

Heave those mighty oars!

We can make ‘then’ now great again.

Kickstart the Empire!

We all need a good plunder now and then.

Kickstart the Empire!

Free the chains of reality.


Kickstart the Empire!

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