Tour of Germany!

Hi all 🙂

I’m very pleased to confirm my tour support for Goethes Erben on their German x tour! Very kind of them to ask me along, and I’ll be playing 9 dates with them (see below for details and dates). I’ll also be doing an extra little gig of my own courtesy of Kulturscheune Baiersdorf. This concert will also be live-streamed, so I’ll still be keeping up SIEBEN ONLINE and you can come on tour with me, too! Live from a barn in the South-East of Germany! This may well be SO06.

When I’m back from tour in October, I may try and arrange an October online concert – but there will be a November, for sure- and I’ll be coming you live with my Christmas Special from the Dorothy Pax venue, via Bandcamp 🙂

I know I’ll be catching up/meeting some of you lovely folk on tour in Germany, and can’t wait for that. And to be on the road again finally, gigs in venues with good pas, yum yum! – unbelievable! Will probably plot my progress across Germany in Bratwurst and Imbis food photos, onsocial networks, so beware the senf and knodel pics- excited!

Matt – Sept 2021GOETHES ERBEN & SIEBEN X Tour 2021
16.09.2021 Friedrichshafen,Kulturhaus Caserne
17.09.2021 Hof (statt Hannover das Abgesagt wurde),Filzfabrik
18.09.2021 Berlin,Columbia Theater
23.09.2021 Übach-Palenberg,Rockfabrik
24.09.2021 Mannheim,MS Connexion
25.09.2021 Bayreuth,Das Zentrum / 1. Erbenfestspiele (verlegt v. 2020)

28.09.2021 SIEBEN ONLY – Baiersdorf, Kulturscheune SOLD OUT – BUT THERE WILL BE A LIVESTREAM (see their fb page in link above)
01.10.2021 Dresden,Reithalle / Straße E
02.10.2021 München,Schlachthof
03.10.2021 Oberhausen,Kulttempel (Ersatztermin für Bochum)

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