This is the website for all things Matt Howden, Sieben, and Redroom Records… fiercely independent, home-grown music. So independent you may have missed me. I take that as a badge of honour, whilst crying into my small beer 😉

Live, it has been said Sieben is a one-man rawchestra, looping and layering a heady mix of sounds. It’s also been called “dark folk techno with a twist of Reeves & Mortimer”, so go figure 😉 Always hypnotic. Previously much more floaty, its all got a bit turbo-charged since the introduction of Matt’s 5-string Kevlar violin, Kev. He’s a bit more punk and attitude than Matt.

Matt Howden writes songs for voice and violin, feeding both into a loop station to build up layers of sound. At even the most fundamental level, his work links acoustics and electronics.”
Adrian Ainsworth- Specs Blog, UK

A Sieben show is like a one-man whirlwind with a violin.”
Sonic Seducer Magazine, Germany

Matt Howden has had enough; somebody’s punk roots are showing on ‘Crumbs’ as these songs get right to the point and then move on.
Peter Marks, Santa Sangre

Driving rhythms, vocals as intense visions and charming landscapes, loop by loop building a shining star-way over the Abyss, to our dreams.
MJR Festival, Lithuania

Through Covid times I undertook LOCKDOWN SIEBEN, re-working my back catalogue into a 10 CD boxset, and playing 55 free online concerts from my home. (See VIDEOS tab). I’m currently working on SIEBEN ONLINE, a series of monthly livestreams on Facebook and occasionally Bandcamp, where you can have the best seat in the (your) house, and I can play in socks, without leaving mine. Win win. And back gigging again, too 😉

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Job Karma (PL), here.
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Rophonic (UK), here.
Naevus (UK), here.
Winston Macabre(UK), here

Artists to also adore:
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Die Antwoord, (SA), here.
Richard Herring (comedian), here.
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Thomas Truax (US), here.

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Bob Rusche NL), X-Rated here.
Concertzender (NL), here.
DJ Nederfolk (NL), here.
DH De’Ath (UK), here.
Phantom Circuit (UK), here.

Specs (UK), here.

Film Makers:
Chris Ogden, Long Chalk Media, here.

Lovely Places:
Cafe 9, Sheffield, here.
The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield, here.
Red Tape Central, Music Training providers, here.