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Sieben Mini Biography

Sieben is the one-man, violin-looping work of Matt Howden. He beats, plucks, thumps and sings into a poor violin called Kev that he really shows no mercy to. Very occasionally he’ll play it like a normal violin. Lockdown saw Sieben undertaking LOCKDOWN SIEBEN, 55 online concerts, and a 10 CD boxset re-appraisal of the better half of his back catalogue to date.

Matt Howden writes songs for voice and violin, feeding both into a loop station to build up layers of sound. At even the most fundamental level, his work links acoustics and electronics.”
Adrian Ainsworth- Specs Blog, UK

A Sieben show is like a one-man whirlwind with a violin.”
Sonic Seducer Magazine, Germany

Bringing us driving rhythms, vocals as intense visions and charming landscapes, loop by loop building a shining star-way over the Abyss, to our dreams.”
MJR Festival, Lithuania

Performing and releasing as Sieben, Matt  has played over 1,800 shows 35+ countries across the world, and released 16 studio albums (and a 10CD boxset) to date. Published by Universal Music.

Sieben Discography:

  • LOCKDOWN THE COVERS (Sieben covers album) 2020
  • 2020 VISION 2020
  • Kickstart the Empire! 2019
  • Crumbs 2018
  • The Old Magic 2016
  • The Other Side Of The River (sister to The Old Magic) 2016
  • Each Divine Spark 2014
  • No Less Than All 2012
  • Star Wood Brick Firmament 2011
  • As They Should Sound 2009
  • Desire Rites 2007
  • High Broad Field 2006
  • Ogham Inside The Night 2005
  • Sex & Wildflowers 2003
  • Our Solitary Confinement 2002
  • The Line & the Hook 2001
  • Forbid The Sun’s escape 2000

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