Black Moon Rise Again EP

Not much blogging of late. But plenty of obsessive looping, rest assured. New looper is a dream and really enjoying both practising and writing new material using it. (That really is a miracle: Normally I will go to extreme lengths to avoid actually rehearsing!).

The upshot is that I’ve nearly finished two rather lengthy tracks (ten minutes, each), both with inspiration and subject matter taken from my time in Lithuania last year for the MJR festival. I’m considering releasing both of these as a vinyl (and digital) EP, at some time in the future. I’m liking the ten-minute length of each song, it gives the loops time to breathe and lets more of the detail come through, as well as (hopefully) drawing you under its spell. I had kind-of made plans not to release anything physical for a couple of years, but we’ll see…

Lovely gigs in Rome and London last month; and Bochum and Leipzig to come next month. (Details are in my concerts section). Really looking forward to showing off my new sound and new looping possibilities at these concerts. Ah, if you thought I made some varied sounds before you’ll hear plenty more now! I’ll be playing one or both from the Black Moon Rise Again EP, plus a trawl through some of my back catalogue. Currently trying to get to grips with Anubis and Knudlustysummer as new loops, ready for live shows…

After those its Black Easter in Antwerp, then off to Berlin in June, details of that concert to be added here soon.

I still have a few copies of the Sieben vinyl re-releases left in the shop, if you’d like to order them 🙂 And enough Rasp CDs to build a small house, so I urge you, for the love of God/Nature/ The Elements/’replace with appropriate word to you, here’ please buy one!
Hopefully see some of you at the live shows 🙂