Briton EP on its way

(Hillfort Mindset by Martin Bedford)

Briton EP out very soon, its in the process of being mastered. I’ve slaved over this one, for sure. And this will conclude my Ep trilogy. I’m re-working, re-recording (why are you not surprised, I ask myself? 😉 tracks after that, for The Old Magic CD, it won’t simply be the new tracks from the EP. I tried it, laying it out and listening, in several ways. It demanded to be its own thing, so it will be that.

Gigs in Vienna, (near) Barcelona, and Rome just announced and happening in Feb and March.
I’m back off to a darkened room to work on The Old Magic. Looking forward to hearing people’s responses to Briton EP, too 😉 the tracks are as follows:
Hillfort Mindset
Come, Raven King
We wait 2016

Of course I’ll be letting those of you on my mailing list know first, as soon as its all ready to go. Offical release may well be 22 February, with the New Moon, but I’ll let you all know before that 🙂