Briton EP out today!

(Hillfort Mindset by Martin Bedford)

Briton EP is now out, with the Full Moon.

I started this series of three EPs back at the start of 2015, with some vague notion of combining them into two CDs at the end. Since then, rather beautifully (these things have a mind of their own) the songs and themes have generated themselves into something new. Add to that the fact that I tried listening to all six new long tracks back to back, as I’d planned for the album, and it was a bit heavy going, and didn’t really work. These things are a whole, to me, at least.

With that in mind, and being the serial tweaker/re-worker/re-recorder that I am, I’ll be ‘going at’ some of the tracks again for The Old Magic CD. Developments in the feel and sound of Briton want me to bring everything else more in line, make this album a ‘whole’ rather than collection of EPs. I work best when each ‘thing’ (each product, each release) works as a whole, rather than just a vessel for a collection of songs.

Ah, I’m only going to do a bit: re-record Black Moon Rise Again (again again!); The Old Magic track, shorter and with more impact; totally shorten and power up Ready For Rebellion (done, tick that one off); add two new tracks, St Huburtus (written) and St Hilde (to do). The bonus CD will also get the same ‘Howdening’. On The Other Side Of the River will contain Loki, We Wait, and Loki Rides Again (as is, happy with them); Cult Of The Fallen and Knudlustysummer (already re-worked into 2016 version) plus a new track, and original EP versions not on the main CD.

Quite simply, I’ve given up following the conventions of the industry and simply am following what the music commands of me. Apologies if it seems like a pig’s ear, it is what it is. More like seeing the inside of my head than ever before. I usually have solid shapes and formed plans before I start these things. I should also have made you some kind of diagram and colour chart, pointing to various bits of my brain, with a Key down the side. In the end its the music that should, and does run the show. I just did what it said.

Matt Howden 22 Feb 2016