Norse EP pre-release

Hello! Wanted to give those of you signed up to my site and reading my blog the first heads-up on this:

The second of my three digital EPs, “Norse EP” is now up on my Bandcamp site for pre-order, here. If you’re a ‘physical-only’ kinda person, hang on for the CD release of The Old Magic, sometime in 2016. Nothing to stop you going to have a listen now, though 😉 – and some extra, re-worked tracks that won’t be on The Old Magic are included with this release…

Release date is 11 November 2015, with the new moon. With pre-orders you’ll get two tracks now, and all tracks on release date, plus the five artwork ‘pieces’ – one for each song, and the cover art.

Matt Howden – 20 October 2015

P.S. Here’s the track list and one of Martin Bedford’s artwork pieces to whet your appetite:

  • The Old Magic
  • Loki 2015
  • Ready For Rebellion
  • Loki Rides Again 2015

Raise, whirl, unfurl the Old Magic!