Sieben ● Lockdown the Covers (CD)


Shrink-wrapped Digipack CD, with full colour six-panel artwork by Martin F Bedford. Mastered by Dan Worrall.


  1. Lullaby
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Bela Lugosi
  4. Can’t Get You
  5. Papa Was a Rolling Stone
  6. Brother, My Cup is Empty
  7. Voice of America / Damage Is Done
  8. Transmission / Walked In Line
  9. Heroes
  10. Common People

Performed and produced under no duress by Matt Howden, at home in socks. Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England. June-October 2020.
P & C Redroom Records 2020. MCPS License LM-0069033

Never foresaw myself doing a Covers album, but I guess Lockdown is a pretty strange time in many ways.

I picked tracks I absolutely love, tracks that were loop-able, felt right together. This is EXCLUSIVELY AND ONLY AVAILABLE FROM MY SITE. As these are covers of other people’s songs, I’ve bought a license in order to release them. This is only a license for this limited run of CDs, this will not be available digitally, nor on any other format, Just CD from me, here 🙂

Lockdown the Covers is part of LOCKDOWN SIEBEN, in progress now during Lockdown(s): 100 videos, live online Friday evening concerts each week, individual song videos. 10 CD boxset reappraisal of the better half of my back catalogue through the medium (to large) of Kev the Kevlar violin. Now in progress! Dedicated to you lovely people who are a part of it.

Weight 60 g