Redroom release hot on the heels of The Old Magic

7JK – Ride The Solar Tide.

7JK’s second album will release on Thursday, November 3rd 2016. Release party is the same day, at an old industrial waterworks (of course 😉 at WIF festival, Wroclaw, Poland. Prepare for trippy, string-heavy, industrial space rock meets 80’s Coldwave pop! Well, something like that.

I think we’ve come up with something bloody marvelous, and am very proud of it. Redroom 017, 018, and 019 are unleashed soon!

Going to have to go some to top these, with whatever Redroom 020 is. I might label ‘having a bit of a rest’ as Redroom 020, Factory Records style 😉 Doubt it, though.

Matt – June 2016