Sieben @ Beyond The Fringe, Sheffield


The Red Lion, 109 Charles Street, S1 2ND Sheffield

Two great days of music beyond the Tramlines fringe. Saturday 1pm-8pm, hosted by myself, Sunday 1pm-8pm, hosted by Denzil Watson, (Phantom Power Records, Repomen). Event sound run by Red Tape Central (my students) on both days. This will be a warm and lovely gathering – pop in and see what’s going on- better still settle in and stay all day. You’ll see a great mix of bands and artists, established and up-and-coming.

I’ll be making an appearance with my Sieben band (there may be 8 of us onstage at some point) playing my new Crumbs album stuff. 4pm Saturday 21st July.

Also, look out for Threads at 1pm this Saturday – I saw their first gig on Wednesday, and it was the best first gig of a band I’ve ever seen. You should see them before they’re playing the Arena for an impossibly expensive ticket price, and you can’t go because you need a babysitter and the cat’s being sick again. I should disclaim that they are also the Sieben backing band, but that just shows what good taste I’ve got in picking them ?