Sieben @ Hillsfest


Hillsborough Park Pavillion, The Bowling Club, Middlewood Rd, Sheffield S6 4HD

(its in the centre of Hillsborough Park)

I’ll be playing a special concert in the Park Pavillion as part of the lovely Hillsfest 2016 festival.

Hillsfest website, here. This is a free event, open to all: 

“A festival aiming to show how creativity is essential to ensure a compassionate, energetic, innovative, entrepreneurial and cohesive community.”

“we hope to offer a wide range of different activities including: silver smithing, metalwork, textiles, pottery, animation, painting with light, robotics and printmaking.  Suitable for all ages.  We will do our very best to keep nearly all, if not all, activities free.    Find a hidden talent, have a go at something new – have fun!”

Loads more on including Chainsaw carving, spoken word and film, food, and food masterclass demonstrations, and a live music stage on both days: