Sieben Live in Concert 37 – Winter Solstice Special


This will be released as a live album, the day after this concert, exclusively on my Bandcamp. Might as well make it a round ’10’ of albums released this year ? As a bonus track, you also get a specially recorded version of A Kev Solstice Hymn.

This concert starts at 11.57pm UK time, Sunday night. And will ‘go on a bit’ by popular demand. And ‘cos it’s my last concert of 2020. I’m going for ‘intense and uplifting’ but don’t worries the usual bonkers bollocks will ensue regardless. Think Amber may well be in bed, but the Witching Hour is when George comes to life, so beware.

I’m definitely considering calling the first LS show of 2021 “Oh, Not Him Again Night!” ?