Trilogy of EPs leading to double Sieben CD

(Horned Man by Martin Bedford)

I’m currently working on the second of what now appears to be a trilogy of digital EPs, which will culminate in a double Sieben CD. I have a plan to fill the first CD with the new material from the three EPs, as their content is all connected in certain ways. The other CD will contain all the re-worked tracks that accompany each EP, that I’ve been enjoying doing lately. It seemed like a good way to do it, as most people seem to want the physical product, in the end. I think it will all be too long for vinyl…

I’m in the middle of writing the Norse EP, presently. Two songs written so far, Ready For Rebellion and The Old Magic. I’m hoping to write a third, again in the style of Leituva EP, where the tracks have a good length and a strong ‘ritual’ element. I’ll accompany these with two re-worked tracks; namely Loki, which I’ve been having fun with in its new looped form at live concerts recently, and possibly We Wait For Them, souped up with the new looper sounds. These will be recorded at Club 60, as was Each Divine Spark, down to 2″ analogue tape.
I’ve also put a new product in my shop: Horned Man artwork, by Martin Bedford.

This is a one-off limited edition of 25, hand-signed and numbered by the artist. (Signed by myself also). A high-quality print of artwork from the EP trilogy / CD.

New concerts added to my concerts page: Stockholm, and Munich in November. I’ll also be performing a live film soundtrack to Maya Deren‘s At Land at a local festival in September.
Okay, enough for now. Getting back to writing words for Norse EP. I’m currently writing one called The Old Magic, whose words are pretty much all words now common in English, but originating from old Norse. Keeps me happy. Traust me. And “Raise, whirl, unfurl the old magic” wherever possible 🙂 Hope to see some of you at my live shows. and if you haven’t bought the Rasp CD yet, buy the Rasp CD! Its a fab album that I’m really proud of, but as we’re not gigging as Rasp its proving hard to shift –  while you’re at it, you could also get one of the twenty five beautiful Horned Man prints that Martin Bedford has done, if you like 😉 It will fund my next CD…

Matt Howden 20 August 2015