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  • Fri

    SIEBEN ONLINE SO06 Broccolicock


    No login required, free and unfettered livestream concert 😉

    It’s the pagan festival of Broccolicock, let’s see if George is up for the sacrifice. This even will also feature WBDITGG? so you’ll get a live set from Batman’s treaty, too 😉

  • Fri

    Sieben and Hungarian Lanterns in Sheffield


    Church House, 4 St James Street, Sheffield

    A pre-Halloween extravaganza of dark, evocative music. FOR FREE.
    ‘A Sieben show is like a one-man whirlwind with a violin’ – Sonic Seducer Magazine, Germany
    ‘Matt Howden writes songs for voice and violin, feeding both into a loop station to build up layers of sound. At even the most fundamental level, his work links acoustics and electronics’ – Adrian Ainsworth- Specs Blog, UK
    Sieben is the one-man, violin-looping work of Matt Howden. He beats, plucks, thumps and sings into a poor violin called Kev that he really shows no mercy to. Very occasionally he’ll play it like a normal violin.
    Hungarian Lanterns
    ‘Bestowed their performance with a dark potent quality. They combine the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen with the droll humour of Morrissey’ – Now Then
    ‘They possess a seemingly endless array of memorable songs with instantly quotable wordplay’ – bbc.co.uk
    An incendiary five piece combo with many a dramatic flourish and provocative stanza. Fronted by award-winning comedian Anthony J. Brown, a lyricist for numerous European acts including penning texts for three German Top 10 albums for dark rockers Lord Of The Lost.
  • Sat

    Sieben Christmas Special at The Pax


    The Dorothy Pax, Arch 17, Wharf Street, Victoria Quays S2 5SY Sheffield

    I'm also aiming for this to be an online ticketed event (currently planning it to be Bandcamp) also, so more of you can come along to this. Some of you are too far away, and there is very limited space in the venue! More news on this soon.


    Tickets: www.dorothypax.com

    My usual Christmas Show and all the daftness that entails 😉

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