You Want Some?

Possibly a slight departure from what you might expect of Sieben, perhaps? #The world is currently truly absurd, I’m just following suit. Only the second time I’ve ever played mouth trumpet on a record, and a first for a Sieben album. This is ‘You Want Some?’ featuring the vibrant and lovely Zowie Lumsdale for a second time singing on this album. She’s the one with the lady voice.

I’m presently finishing the 17th of 17 tracks for Crumbs From The Rich Man’s Table. The release is actually 15 tracks, with the CD having two bonus tracks- full band versions of two of the tracks. Possibly it’ll come out August time. Here’s a rough track list, though contents may settle in transit to mastering and manufacture:
01 Is It Dark Enough?
02 Here Is The News
03 Coldbloods
04 I Will Ignore The Apocalypse
05 Just Be A Lot Nicer
06 Sing Loud
07 Crumbs
08 Sleep Our Dream
09 Liberal Snowflake
10 Forge A Better World
11 Post-Brexit Dreams Of Albion
12 Sell Your Future
13 You Want Some?
14 We Will Be Alright
15 Can You Hear The Wind Coming?

16 BAND VERSION: Here Is The News
17 BAND VERSION: Coldbloods

I’m currently researching printing on small plastic baggies, so I can give away actual ‘crumbs from a rich man’s table’ with each CD bought. The first 200 copies will get this. After that, its baggies with a little bit of dirt or fluff in for the rest of you – your own little bit of Britain from the Great British bring-and-buy-sale 😉

Matt Howden