When the kevlar violin in your band writes a hymn imagining that God invented 2FA – that was my initial twisted thought that brought forth this song 🙂

This will come out publicly on the 9th September, a week after TEN HYMNS  launches.

I must say I’m liking it on here – nice I can post things early for you –  and looking forward to back-filling this page with the SIEBEN ONLINE livestreams. Will be of more use if you miss future ones as this’ll be the only place for catch-up from the next concert on. And my website, which webmaster Ziva is very kindly working on to make it integrated with this Patreon – logging in to 1 get you access to both, and both will have the secret Patreon content on, I am told 🙂

Then I’ll get on to mastering a couple of songs from the last Solstice concert – thought I might make a nice proper master of the extended When My Ship Comes In that I started the night with?

‘Hope you like this video – Daft and dark’ might have to be my new strap-line? 😀

And wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Mine will mostly be spent manically adding to here, and sending out promo for the new album – but there will definitely be time for garden and BBQ x Matt x

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