A journey of Ten Hymns

How beautiful to have you along on this journey, the whole process of creating, shaping, recording and releasing TEN HYMNS.

From the livestreams, where I tried out new material, shaped it week after week; through to playing you the rough mixes post-gig, as they developed, in the latest shows. Such a pleasure, and an inspiration for me, as an artist, to do so.

Friday sees the launch of all my efforts, with both livestream launch and album release. Hooray! It means the end of a lot of hard work for me – work that has been absolute pleasure with you along for the ride.

I’ll leave you with the words from this fabulous review of TEN HYMNS by Pierre Sopor of Verdammnis Webzine, translated from the original French: 

Ten Hymns for Modern Times is a new explosion of creativity, fantasy, poetry and irony from a decidedly very valuable artist. He skillfully mixes lyricism and absurd humour, social criticism and enchantment. SIEBEN can be appreciated for its lyrics and its background, which sometimes dictates the form (as we have seen, some tracks embrace their subject), but it is also possible not to intellectualize the thing and just simply let yourself be lulled by the music. These ten hymns alternate between harmony and controlled dissonance and exude both freedom and unbridled inventiveness.” 

Thank you, Pierre – thank you, all, so much for accompanying on this journey 🙂

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