Black cat in Leiria

Just back from a fabulous holiday with my darling and equally demented wife, and a stunning gig in the Castle’s chapel atop Leiria. Needless to say, we ate ourselves senseless throughout our mini-tour.

Like chubby Pac Men on an old velum map, we choffed our way up from Lisbon to the incredible walled Medieval town of Obidos, it’s pastel treats, the weirdest and most wonderful representation of Jesus I have ever seen. And a cheese we scooped with spoons like loons. Up to Tomar, a beautifully ‘working’ and historic small town, and caneca and tasca delights – and indeed staying in a palace there. 

From there, to Coimbra, and drunken video walking home where we found (and still find) the Patio D Inquisition endlessly amusing. Even torturers have to have some time off on the patio, it seems. Or maybe take their victims there and withhold sun loungers or beach towels until they confess their heresy? No cocktails for you, til you renounce your faith! There’s definitely something wrong with us that we find that video so amusing still. Prepare yourself not only for the Patreon video of Patio D Inquisition, but also the KEV Director’s Cut commentary, I guess… 

Then Leiria, and a simply wonderful time and concert. Fade In festival were gorgeous hosts, as always. and people in Portugal so lovely to us throughout. One of the sweatiest concerts I’ve ever done. I had to warn people not to hug me after, but they didn’t listen and lived to regret it.

I can mark this day in my diary as the only one I didn’t stuff myself stupid with gorgeous treats, utter professional that I am 😉

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