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Briton EP

(Come, Raven King. Artwork by Martin F Bedford) Briton EP is available to purchase on my Bandcamp, here. Technically its not released til 22 Feb, but I’ve set all tracks to be immediately downloadable. each of the four tracks come…

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The Old Magic

I’m working on a new Sieben album, which will be named The Old Magic. My plan is to release three digital EPs, then the physical CD, sometime soon after. The Old Magic will have all six ten-minute tracks from Lietuva,…

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Things to come

I’ve had a worm-tweakingly lovely response to my new Sieben Lietuva EP, and the new Sieben sound – thank you, to those who’ve given it so, played it, bought it, shared it, eaten it in the pale moonlight. The digital-only release…

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