More concerts, more home concerts and free tiers…

Hi all- I’m delighted that Patreon has opened itself up a little with a new FREE tier for people- I never like the idea of ‘paywalls’ as I’m sure you all know. I’m just trying to survive, and make nice things. Anyway, please encourage others (who perhaps didn’t want to incur costs!) to join; they’ll get some goodies, and always be kept up to date with what I do, like yourselves 🙂 

New paying Patrons are of course always welcome too – they will help me to do things like last weekend, and the home garden concerts – which I have to say were spectacular! Those of you unable to attend may have seen the livestream, and will have all the recordings added here soon.

And so on to the next few weeks. I’m playing in Shepton Mallet (South of England, and Amber’s hometown) this weekend, a pub gig in Sheffield (as part of Tramlines Fringe, Red Lion, Sunday 8pm, for those local) the weekend after, and then on to the second home festival of the year, in mid-August- Darkest English Summer, year 1. Patrons will always get tickets offered first, as you did- these are now sold out (but I will try and squeeze the odd late-patron in) and I will be streaming the Friday for you all, for free, of course 😉

Here’s the link to the livestream, where Moineau, Sieben, Frett, and Trio Noir will be performing – please share far and wide. And please bring me some more patrons so I can continue to make beautiful, bespoke and special events, that would be so helpful 🙂

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