I’ve launching a Patreon!

In Lockdown I produced 55 livestream concerts, 95 videos, 10 live and 2 studio albums, aiming to keep myself sane and people entertained. Now I’d like to do something similar from Patreon. I’d so love to be able to survive, eat, but mainly create a body of dark, rich and zany content for you lovely people 🙂

There are various tiers of access to Kev, and also some tiers for consultations with me, too – on my work, on looping, song writing, music production, general aesthetic values. There’ll be some online Kev insults too, obviously. There will be livestreams, there will be videos (song videos, behind the scenes, looking at mixes etc), there will be sneak previews, secret news. There will be concerts in my garden. Oh yes, there will be blood 😉 It’ll be the home for all SIEBEN ONLINE catch-up, re-watch, and KEV movies.

Come join me on a new adventure – there are various tiers for various levels of daftness and dark – and help Kev build his own Skynet to take over humanity, too: www.patreon.com/MattHowden

* I’ll go live with the Patreon now

Matt – July 2022

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