Okay, here’s the event – Kev’s first ever KEV MOVIE NIGHT. Of course, he’ll be recycling some videos you Patrons may have already seen, and generally lording himself over you all.

But Kev’s also got a premiere to brag about- “the official, special, exclusive, really good” showing of the new mini-movie SEX & KEV FLOWERS (running time 7 mins)

Link for the event above 🙂 Be warned you have to sign in for this one, to show you are 18 enough for Kev’s potty-mouth. Invite who you like, too 🙂 The above link will work for all. It’ll be purely live, though- then just on here for Patrons.


Lots of Kev stuff

a bit of old crap you’ve already seen (but I suppose you can talk to each other)

The official, special, exclusive, really good premiere of SEX & KEV FLOWERS

Some super special guests

Matt might play you a song, if I let him. Thinking of charging him, as it’s my show.

Be about an hour in total. I usually go to bed at 9


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