Kev’s Promise

So, lovely people, Kev is on it with sorting your super-Patreon ‘benefits’ for you KEV and KEVSTAR folk – 

Kev added the ‘ ‘ to ‘benefits’ too 😉

For your ‘message from Kev’ I thought I’d make each of you a little video of Kev and I in action, writing you your very own ‘theme tune’ and all the hilarity that evokes – of course I will do you something different if you wish, just ask what you’d like Kev to do. Within reason. Obviously he will ‘destroy all humans’ if asked, but I’m somewhat responsible for him…

I’d also like to do an August livestream for you. It will be from Youtube, as an unlisted link- this could just be intimate, for you fine folk, but knowing what I do of you, I thought the best way to proceed might be to give you all the link and you can invite whosoever you wish? It makes it more inclusive and means we can invite the whole gang of LOCKDOWN SIEBEN folk? Happy to just do it for you lovelies only, too – as you prefer. 

My proposed date is a Friday (of course) 5th August, 8pm (Jurassic Island time, of course). This will SIEBEN ONLINE 16 – and it’ll be up afterwards here on Patreon for exclusive catch-up, should you miss it. Thoughts, folks? 🙂

Lastly, I’m expecting delivery of TEN HYMNS FOR MODERN TIMES CDs in the next week or so. Your envelopes are addressed ready for me to drop a CD in and post them off straight away 🙂

Plus, I’m a dimwit, and have now worked out that I can simply attach the extra tracks for you to download, I’ll get on it shortly 🙂

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