Leipzig WGT – photo report

I can’t express how immense it was throughout- great, great concerts, and lovely times with fellow Patrons and Lockdown Sieben extended family. 

Always lovely to bump into many fellow musicians at these things, too- William Faith, in particular, as our paths haven’t crossed for around 20 years, it seems, since we recorded on each other’s work. 

And of course performing and catching up with the lovely Goethes Erben. Oswald and the gang are always really lovely to work and play with. And it was Oswald who arranged all of this for me, so huge thanks to him once again x

So, some photos for you all, from Helge, Sandra, Chris and Ilona, Jan and Amber, and a little flavour of happenings over this brilliant weekend 🙂

Some vids to follow…

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