New website!

A huge thank you to Živa Milošević for making me this fab new website!

This new-fangled wizardry includes an all-new shop with all-same things in it, a new discography tab, all my videos from Lockdown Sieben and Sieben Online in one place, and all manner of things that swish into place as you scroll through. Feel free to make that Star Trek ‘doors’ noise as you scroll down 😉

I may have even managed to solve the Da Vinci Rubik Code that is posting to the EU from here in Jurassic Island. Those considering such folly (fellow musicians and the like) should definitely look up what they’re sending in the HS Tariff Customs list of ‘all things on Heav’n and Earth’, which runs something like this:

  • Nuclear material > radioactive stuff > stuff > a bit radioactivey
  • Taxidermy > animal parts > heads, bits and bobs > hair, legs, etc
  • Chips > trousers > garments > buttons > entropy potato

Don’t be foolish enough to think you can go on there and look up ‘Compact Disk’ or ‘CD’, for instance. Simply search for several hours until you find it (of course) under Optical Media (Recorded) – somewhere under the main heading of ‘CHIPS’. And then find your 8 digit HS Tariff code. You could also add your 15 digit EORI trader number for good measure if you’re feeling really reckless and enjoy writing out pointlessly long numbers.

Then, just as before, but twice as expensive and three times as slowly, your goods will miraculously appear and stay in your EU country of choice – hey presto! 😀

I’m recording songs for my own amusement. Livestream gone caput, for now, but I’ll be back. And when I am, you can join via the FB Live tab on the new website.

My last show of the year is my Christmas Special at The Dorothy Pax, sat 18th Dec – last few tickets still available at time of writing this.

Thanks again, Živa 🙂
Matt Howden – Nov 2021

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