Patreon start free trials

Hi lovelies, Patreon have just added ‘free trials’ so people can try me for a week – or those below KEV TIER can try the upper echelons of Kevness.

I’ve also tweaked tiers and benefits a little, to reflect how I’m developing my use on here, and to make things clearer 🙂

Feel free to share with any naughty non-patrons you know, who might be interested in having a look; and certainly those who have been talking about it, but “haven’t put their money where their mouth is” – a fab expression, btw 😉

Simply share this post, the poster above, or the URL: 

Thank you! 🙂 See some of you in Leipzig, others still in Wroclaw the week after, and all of you in my garden for the first ever livestream from there, three weeks from now 😉

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