Ten Hymns for Modern Times 2 CD


ARTIST: Sieben
ALBUM: Ten Hymns for Modern Times
FORMAT: 2 CD digipack (Live & Studio) with artwork and exclusive 8 page booklet by Martin Bedford throughout. Shrink-wrapped.
RELEASED: Friday 2nd September 2022

Written, performed and produced by Matt Howden, at Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England, May 2022. P&C Redroom Records 2022

MATT: Jubilations. Kev, my trusty Kevlar violin and I walk you through the modern virtues of obscene wealth, charging your phone and denying stuff.

KEV: Join us as we venerate all things here and now- whether you’re telling someone to ‘stick it’ online, or feathering your fortified volcano.

MATT: This is the soundtrack, the spiritual guide to modern life you never knew you needed.

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