Rippy Ripperton and a monster hint…

MATT: He answers to no name; though was given Monty by the cat shelter. But he loves a good rip at things! 


MATT: And a monster Rippy Ripperton hint about tomorrow’s ‘drop’ for all patrons tomorrow. I’m pretty damn excited about single 3, definitely the most catchy goth-single I’ve ever written! You’re getting it 3 weeks early, but those DJS among you are welcome to give it airplay as soon as you wish, should you wish 🙂

KEV: And the rest of you lot gather your friends round your ghetto blaster and play it them continuously until they become patrons!

Matt: Yea, whatever, Kev…

KEV: It’s got ‘legs’ (unlike me) to propel me to proper stardom and 53 patrons 😉

MATT: I’m intrigued by what you’ll all make of it 🙂 

KEV: Yeah, whatever

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