Sieben and Hungarian Lanterns in Sheffield

FRI, 29 OCT 2021


Church House, 4 St James Street, Sheffield A pre-Halloween extravaganza of dark, evocative music. FOR FREE.

‘A Sieben show is like a one-man whirlwind with a violin’ – Sonic Seducer Magazine, Germany

‘Matt Howden writes songs for voice and violin, feeding both into a loop station to build up layers of sound. At even the most fundamental level, his work links acoustics and electronics’ – Adrian Ainsworth- Specs Blog, UK Sieben is the one-man, violin-looping work of Matt Howden. He beats, plucks, thumps and sings into a poor violin called Kev that he really shows no mercy to. Very occasionally he’ll play it like a normal violin.

Hungarian Lanterns
‘Bestowed their performance with a dark potent quality. They combine the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen with the droll humour of Morrissey’ – Now Then

‘They possess a seemingly endless array of memorable songs with instantly quotable wordplay’ –

An incendiary five piece combo with many a dramatic flourish and provocative stanza. Fronted by award-winning comedian Anthony J. Brown, a lyricist for numerous European acts including penning texts for three German Top 10 albums for dark rockers Lord Of The Lost.

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