The Old Magic out with the New Moon

The Old Magic & The Other Side Of the River released yesterday. Thanks for the orders so far, folks, very much appreciated.

I’m supposing I caused some confusion with the ‘EPs turning into CDs’ thing, but these things come out in their own way, when they get a life of their own. I guess the easiest explanation is not to explain at all! In fact, even easier to let Adrian Ainsworth explain, in his lovely review, here.

Lovely to get such an amazing response to these albums, already.
Next up for Redroom is REDROOM 019, 7JK’s second album ‘Ride The Solar Tide’. This is done and dusted, and is currently off to be mastered. A slightly different lineup to the band now, as this album is just Maciek and I. And a new vibe. Very excited for you to hear this! Release date is 3rd November 2016, with an album launch at Wroclaw WIF Festival.

Yes, I’ve been busy.

A fabulous time playing with Sol Invictus at Prophecy Fest; thanks to them for the invite, and lovely to join up with the old gang after so long, and play with all round lovely man Don Anderson from Agalloch.

I have gigs next week in London and Brighton. then off to NCN festival to play all-new material with 7JK.

This will be a good while yet, but for REDROOM 020 I’m planning something special. Different. And secret. And ‘spring it on you’. Expect me when you least expect me! 😉

Matt – Aug 2016