Tomorrow’s livestream

is from the garden! And with a small audience too – I so hope some of you can make it 🙂 It will of course be here on Patreon in full, soon after, if not.

The link above is for the event page on Facebook. The gig will stream from my SIEBEN Facebook page as normal. I may even start 5 minutes earlier, just with a little ‘garden action’ before I start at 8, Jurassic island time, just to give people chance to tune in without stress.

There will be no Monty the cat (New Maggot Boy) there, sadly- he’s still a little timid with ‘outside’ and we’re taking our time with that. He’s met Kev, and they got on okay (much better than him and George)- and Monty is already really happy sat on my looper (rather inconveniently) as I play, so I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s bossing the livestreams like George did 😉

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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