You are invited to Secret Garden 2 :)

I’m opening this up, so now ALL patrons (and no-one else, as yet) knows about this- and are invited 🙂

Tickets are £30 per event (£25 to paying patrons) and offered exclusively to you- until I know that all of you Patrons (and partners, friends, of course) who want to come have a place. Then the rest are from select emails to invited guests. Jo Quail and I will play both days, and there may be a different other artist each event, too.

With only 40 spaces it’s a lot of money, I know- but not for artists of this calibre (who I want to pay properly), and certainly not in a lovely space, bespoke and intimate atmosphere, pristine sound, a cat and bring your own booze 😉

Very excited to announce these great artists at SG2, a real coup to get such massive artists in such an intimate space, my garden 🙂

18 of you have booked places for Friday -so 22 left, and 10 booked for Saturday, so 30 left. Come and get them before I offer them out further, it would be so lovely to have you here.

Come meet Monty in person 😀

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